ThriveCart vs Leadpages | Which One is Worth The Money

Online marketing is constantly evolving, and there is no shortage of innovations to improve the online experience. Gone are the days of creating payment pages yourself. Now you can easily create a page for your customers to pay online in minutes.

Greater ease of payment encourages your visitors to purchase and will inevitably positively impact your sales and conversion.

This article has made an in-depth comparison of Thrivecart vs Leadpages to help you get detailed insights into it.

You may ask why we are even comparing these two tools? Aren't they offer different services and functions? Well, you are right. Both the products are other, but the ultimate goal of both of these products is to get you more leads by converting visitors into loyal customers.

Which one is best, ThriveCart vs Leadpages? This is probably the most common doubt of most online marketers while searching for funnel software. Without any adieu, let's move to the comparison.


What is ThriveCart?


Thrivecart is one of those potential tools that can take your online marketing campaigns to the next level without any fuss. Since this platform seems to be ultra customizable and easy to learn it seems to be ideal for all web entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of creating payment pages yourself. Now you can easily create a page for your customers to pay online in minutes.

Whether you are interested in selling your products or making an affiliation, this payment platform offers services tailored to all your expectations. Managing all your payments in one place allows for greater efficiency and flexibility. In particular, you can define payments in the form of subscriptions or allow your customers to pay in installments.

This tool perfectly suits international projects since it also includes tax support depending on the country and the products concerned. It is a tool that is, therefore, both efficient and versatile.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages defines itself as a lead generation platform and as a capture page generator. Basically, it's an online tool to help you generate more subscribers to your mailing list.

leadpages dashboard

The online service offers several very distinct functions:

  • Leadpages, the email capture page generator (or landing pages/squeeze pages), with its many responsive templates.
  • LeadBoxes, the button or link generator that opens an email capture form in popup.
  • LeadLinks, a way to directly subscribe someone to a mailing list by simply clicking on a link inside an email.

Leadpages is aimed at web marketers looking to grow their mailing list.

ThriveCart Vs Leadpages Comparison




As said before, ThriveCart will bring you its share of advantages. Here is another one, and not the least.

With ThriveCart, you'll be able to easily add payment solutions to your order form page, including the most popular ones, Paypal, Stripe, Apple, Google Pay, and many more.

Use A Pre-built Page

thrivecart built page

Do you think that it is easy to create a payment button on your website? Things are not that simple always. If you are at this stage, you will quickly realize that creating a payment page is not so intuitive when you start.

ThriveCart facilitates this implementation by offering ready-made pages in which all you have to do is integrate your personal data.

Manage All Your Payments In One Place

Thanks to ThriveCart, you can generate as many payment pages as there are products available. However, all of your payments will end up in one place.

You will then be able to follow your results and recover the invoices over a given period. You can even forecast your results with the revenue prediction tool. Finally, it is also possible to share the income with your partners and affiliates automatically.

Bill Legally

Charging for your online services for the first time can be intimidating. You have to think about taxes, format the invoice, adapting to the delivery system, and other intricacies of the country from which the order was made.

But with ThriveCart, you no longer need to think or worry about all those details.

thrivecart billing - ThriveCart vs Leadpages

Indeed, the platform allows you to edit a customizable invoice with the customer's details. You only need to specify the nature of the service sold for the platform to automatically calculate the applicable taxes.

Thanks to this automatic billing, you can be sure that you are not making mistakes and are in good standing.


leadpages review

Leadpages: The Capture Page Builder

The main function of Leadpages are generating capture pages, also called landing pages, or even squeeze pages. The first thing to do is choose a template. You can neither start from scratch nor create a new template unless you are an experienced coder. Note that one of the features highlighted by Leadpages is the ability to classify capture pages by conversion rate. 

builder - ThriveCart vs Leadpages

Once you have chosen your template, you will modify it very easily, but it has some limitations. Editing landing pages is very easy. You just need to click on the design or text elements to edit it or hide it. And There you go. That's about all you can do. No possibility of modifying the layout of the sections or of adding one.


LeadBoxes is one of the biggest achievements of Leadpages. The technology is advanced yet so easy and quick to use. LeadBoxes allows you to create popups with capture forms that only open when clicking on a button, text link, or image. And it works anywhere!

On this page, you have the list of leads collected from the LeadBoxes. You can categorize them by conversion rate and immediately see which ones convert the most. Click on "Create new LeadBox" to start. Unlike the Leadpages function, LeadBoxes is very flexible and allows you to do things that no one else does, and which is very complicated to do with AWeber.

There is one feature that I love that makes Leadpages really essential for me. It's called Lead Magnet Delivery. It is used to transmit downloadable content (PDF file, ebook, video, podcast, etc.) to anyone who subscribes to your list via a particular form.

All you have to do is upload your files to the Lead Magnet Delivery tab of My Account. And with just one click, you can choose whether or not to send a file to subscribers of any LeadBox or LeadPage.

Leadlinks: Get Subscribers Without Even Asking Them For Their Email!

LeadLinks is a very innovative feature of Leadpages, but you won't use much of it. The principle is as follows: Using the data contained in the mailing list to facilitate the registration of people to another mailing list.

In practice, LeadLinks can be used, for example, to facilitate the registration of your prospects to your online conferences, to your waiting lists, or your seminars. You need to send them an email with a link. With one click, they will be able to subscribe to another list without giving their information again.

As you can see, LeadLinks will not bring you new registrants but will facilitate the re-registration procedure for those already registered on your mailing list. But there is a big downside: LeadLinks is not compatible with AWeber since the function goes against the conditions of use of the autoresponder.

Pricing Details:  ThriveCart vs Leadpages


You might have noticed that some software today are sold in One-shot. The purchase of software now involves a monthly subscription. You have to pay your subscription every month, which can be a drag for those who want to invest in a tool.

Because, indeed, by accumulating monthly subscriptions, we end up with monthly expenses that explode, and that is not always comfortable.
With ThriveCart, that is a thing of the past. You will indeed have the possibility of paying for the software in one go, which is appreciable. To do this, you will have to go through the Last time value.

The price of the software varies depending on how you use it and when you purchase the software.

In short, count on an expense of around $495. If you want future upgrades, then it will cost you another $195. It can be quite a large sum to come out all at once for some of you, but believe it, in the end, you will be a winner.


ThriveCart vs leadpages

In terms of pricing, the Leadpages platform offers three price levels that vary depending on the functionality.

  • The Standard Plan: which is tailored for recently created small and medium-sized businesses. You can find the essentials you need to create your landing page there. It costs $ 27 per month.
  • The Pro Plan: has more models and features. It is intended for companies in the process of evolution and which grow steadily. Its cost is around $ 59 per month.
  • The Advanced Plan: Finally, the Advanced offer is suitable for large companies and marketing agencies. It offers the maximum number of models available, and all the features are available. It costs $239 per month.

Why choose ThriveCart?

  • A versatile platform: ThriveCart has the advantage of adapting to a multitude of online sales projects. There is no shortage of options with ThriveCart, and each is more useful than the last. In particular, it is possible to access the sales history and search for a specific transaction.
  • Modifiable customer data: Once payment has been made, the customer has the right to modify his data. As part of a subscription, this option can be very useful if the customer's bank details have expired. The latter can then renew his data so that the payment can be validated.
  • Various means of payment: Offering several means of payment is a considerable advantage for increasing your sales. Thanks to ThriveCart, it is possible to accept payments on Paypal, Stripe, or even

Why choose Leadpages?

  • Extreme ease of use: Accessible, beautiful, pleasant, and intuitive.
  • Ability to classify templates by conversion rate.
  • LeadBoxes: Quick to create, split-test, integration anywhere, better conversion rate, very flexible.
  • The Lead Magnet Delivery feature, which can allow you to easily set up 2-part content and boost your conversion rate.
  • The detailed statistics, and the ability to classify and Leadpages LeadBoxes conversion rate, and identifying what works best.
  • The good idea (but not revolutionary): LeadLinks.
  • The unlimited number of Leadpages, LeadBoxes, and LeadLinks for everyone.
  • The excellent customer service (although the live chat is for pros accounts and US hours).
  • Offers very frequent updates.

Thrivecart Vs Leadpages Summary

Leadpages is truly a great online service that offers some innovative features ( unheard of elsewhere) and is ridiculously easy to use. One more thing I expect from Leadpages is that they completely overhaul the function that allows us to create capture pages, allowing them to be created our way, from scratch, as OptimizePress does very well.

For any type of e-commerce site, ThriveCart is a powerful tool whose flexibility will convince you. Since its creation, this payment manager has never stopped evolving to offer options that are always more suited to the needs of web entrepreneurs.

Whether you are a marketing pro or just a beginner in the world of entrepreneurship, ThriveCart will give you a huge boost in increasing your sales. It will show you, for sure, the way to success and success! I hope this Thrivecart Vs Leadpages post gave you the needed insights about both the tools. Thanks for reading!


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