How To Move Your Pages In GroovePages Funnels Tab

Recently, GroovePages has made some excellent amendments on their platform, and the new feature that we are getting this time is the “Funnels” Tab.

The funnels enable you to manage multiple funnels in the same folder and under one domain name.

This article will discuss how you can move the existing pages you have created previously to the funnels tab right away.

Point to be noted:

If you have a free GrooveFunnels account, you can add up to 3 sales funnels without paying anything.

With the GrooveFunnels lifetime package, users get to create unlimited sales funnels for the rest of their life.

Why Do You Need To Move Your Pages To The Funnels Tab?

First you need to assume the “Funnels” tab as “Folders” to help organize your various pages into a “Funnel.”

For example, if you have a funnel with:

  • Option page
  • Thank You page

  • Sales page

  • Checkout page

These pages inside the GroovePages pages section is going to look messy. It’s best to leave the pages that are present in the website's pages section but move any funnel pages to the funnels tab. So that overall you get a neat outlook. 

How To Move Your Pages In GroovePages Funnels Tab

If you don't want all of your pages in the Pages tab, then you can move in your funnel pages to Funnels Tab.

The best way to move your pages to the Funnel tab is:

  • Go to each page and save them as Templates. 
  • For example, if your page’s name is Checkout Page & Confirmation, Go to the Hamburger icon and click on “Save as Template” for both the pages. 

  • Once you save it, you will receive the confirmation in the green box below the right of the screen as ‘Content Saved.’

  • Click on the Funnels tab and hit the ‘+’ icon there. 

  • Now Go to “My Templates” and scroll down to the end. You might find your saved page there. 

  • Click on that page and then “Select.” 

  • Now click on the ‘+’ button, scroll down, and click on ‘Select’ on the other page if you have added it previously. 

  • Go back to Pages. For the confirmation page, you will find a specific URL. And for the Checkout, it will be the Index. Index won’t have a URL. But for the confirmation page, make sure in Edit Settings, the page URL is Confirmation.

  • In the Funnel, carry it forward. And on the Confirmation page in Funnels, Click on Edit Settings and change the page name to confirmation, and the page URL is Confirmation. Hit the Check icon. 

  • Go back to Pages. On the confirmation, click on three dots and delete the page.

  • And we have already taken the Checkout page as an Index. So we will click on three dots and then Edit Settings. Change the Page name as Home and turn that into a Home Page, like an actual website.

  • Head back to Funnels Tab, Go to the Checkout page’s Edit Settings, and name it as ‘checkout’ in the page URL. And smash the check button. 

  • Now close the Funnels tab. And the Funnels that you have created would appear as a bundle. 

  • You can also rename that bundle by clicking on three dots and then rename. 

  • And lastly, click on the Check icon. 


That's a wrap now. I hope that you have found the quickest way to move your pages in GroovePages funnels tab and also, it does not require much rocket science.

You can have all your website pages under Pages, and under the Funnels tab, you can have multiple funnels on the same domain name.


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