Kartra vs Convertri (In-Depth Comparison) – Which Is Best?

Want to know which of the two options is better? Kartra vs Convertri? Then continue reading this article.

Kartra and Convertri are the two best all-in-one funnel builder platforms that can make you the king of digital marketing. Now, you might not know which platform to invest in, but don't worry! We are here to compare these two funnel builders, at the end of which you would know roughly which app is for you.

Although the two platforms serve different purposes, there are similarities, shortcomings, and advantages in both. I have used both the platforms and personally, I have found that Kartra has a slight edge over Convertri, with its wider range of tools and features. Moreover, both the platform only focuses on increasing the sales of your online business.  

In this Kartra Vs Convertri comparison article, we shall first get the basic idea about these tools.  


What is Kartra?


Kartra was founded in 2016 by Genesis Digital. This company was already known in the web world with webinar delivery software, EverWebinar, and WebinarJam. The idea behind the launch of Kartra was to offer an all-in-one web marketing tool that allows you to manage an online business from A to Z, from the creation of a product to its sale.

Very complete, this SaaS software is presented as an alternative to Learnybox or Clickfunnels and is therefore aimed at entrepreneurs who really want to invest in the development of their business.

What is Convertri?


Convertri is one of the most famous funnel builders. It offers powerful features to convert website visitors into potential customers. Using Convertri, you can build all kinds of sales pages, including squeeze pages, sales funnels, landing pages, and even a complete website.

Convertri is well known for its fast-loading pages and is known as the world's fastest funnel builder. Using Convertri, you can create lighting speed pages that offer a real-world load time of less than 3 seconds.

Kartra vs Convertri COMPARISON



Site Builder

Regarding your domain name, you can use one or more personalized domain names according to the plan you choose (from 1 domain for the Starter plan to 10 personalized domains for the Platinum offer). If you don't have a domain name or don't want to use, your pages will be hosted in a Kartra subdomain, in the form yoursubdomain.kartra.com.

Kartra allows you to easily create your website thanks to an intuitive page builder. In the left column are the different sections that can be added to your site: header menu, content, list of features, call to action, testimonials, FAQ, prices, footer and much more. 

For each of these sections, you can choose a template from a large repository before customizing it as you see fit. Indeed, each element can be modified and moved by dragging and dropping.

Creating a website or a landing page with Kartra is therefore easy and accessible even if you have never created a website before.

AB testing tool

Kartra also offers A / B testing, an essential feature today for optimizing its marketing performance. For each page, this involves testing two different variants by displaying them randomly to its visitors. Then all you have to do is analyze your results and keep the one that converts the most. 

Lead scoring

In order to help you identify the "hottest" leads, Kartra has created a lead scoring tool. It consists of evaluating your prospects with a point system. For example, you give 5 points to a lead if they subscribe to your newsletter, 10 points if they buy a product, etc. This score scale will allow you to carry out targeted marketing operations, such as an invitation to an exclusive webinar for all leads with more than 20 points. 

Lead tagging

On the same principle, there is lead tagging. It is a question of categorizing your visitors using labels or tags: cold prospects, consumers of free content, customers who have already purchased products. Thus, you can choose to send an email sequence only to leads classified under a specific tag. 

Email and marketing automation

We continue this Kartra opinion by going to see the side of its emailing service. Indeed, today it is difficult to sell products online without a good email marketing strategy. This is why Kartra also integrates a tool allowing it to fully automate its email campaigns. 

kartra email - kartra vs convertri

Kartra's goal is to help you design and plan email sequence scenarios that will transform a single lead into a loyal customer from a varied choice of models. You will be able to schedule automatic mailings after a specific action by a prospect, fragment your database into a mailing list, and perform split tests. 

Do you want to distribute your new offers to your audience and retain them by sharing free content? Note that a module for creating and sending newsletters is included in the program. As a bonus, Kartra allows you to import a list of emails (useful if you migrate your business from another platform) and offers the sending of marketing SMS. In short, a panel of features that has nothing to envy to a real emailing software such as MailChimp or ConvertKit! 

Affiliate Program

With each sale of a product, you will have the opportunity to offer your customer to become your affiliate. If he accepts, he then receives a personalized URL that he can share with his contacts in exchange for a commission. It is up to you to determine the amount of this commission upstream, and it can be fixed or variable. All affiliate sales data is then found on a dashboard.



This is the part where Convertri outranks most other funnel builders. The Accelerated Page Technology (AMP) of Convertri enables the pages to loads in less than 3 seconds. Creating your pages is really easy with Convertri. You don't have to create any code.

The tool lets you create anything you want, in any color or font. You can also see in advance how your pages will look on different devices (mobile, tablet, or computer). You can then make sure that your conversion rates are satisfactory from one device to another. 

How do they make it possible?

Convertri considers user experience as the deciding factor for conversion in an online business. So, the team at Convertri achieved it by building their CDN from multiple super-fast servers.

Thus the HTML and JavaScript minify automatically into the smallest possible space. If you want to implement this minification on a normal site – you have to either have an expensive hosting service or use a plugin.

A/B Testing

Convertri also suggests changes to your pages based on your customers' behaviors. This is very convenient because you can improve your conversion rate without doing A / B testing. You can use pre-designed templates, or create your page from scratch. If you get good results, you can save the content blocks (the parts of your page) and reuse them in the future for other campaigns.

Secondary Accounts

With the Secondary account feature, you can create the best streaming pages and get the most out of your efforts. For example, with automated sub-accounts, you can manage multiple businesses with clients with their own integration.

Sub account holders can edit and publish any page in their account to which they have access. It also allows you to divide your business into separate accounts. You can have a total of 25 sub-accounts as standard.

Funnel planners

convertri planner

Another important feature of Convertri is its funnel planner. With this tool, you can design and create your entire funnel. This will allow you to stop using whiteboards to draw your funnel. Just do it right on the platform and release the coins. It's really powerful. Your page builder is also a free form editor that lets you customize the pages as you like.

Mobile optimization

If your audience is visiting your site on mobile phones (which is the case with virtually all online providers), your mobile screen/landing page needs to be optimized. With Convertri, you can create mobile responsive landing pages. The landing pages are optimized automatically depending on the device used by the visitor.

Import page

This is one of my favorite features of Converti.  If you have already had pages created with other services, they can now be transferred directly to Convertri. With the page import feature, you can extract every page into Convertri editor and customize it as you like. Finally, you can repost. In other words, with this Import page feature, you can transfer the entire funnels page from other platforms within minutes.

Pricing Details - Kartra vs Convertri


Kartra Plans

Kartra offers four pricing plans, namely,

  • Starter Plan - $99/month
  • Silver Plan - $199/month
  • Gold Plan - $299/month
  • Platinum Plan - $499/month


convertri pricing

Convertri offers only one plan with two payment options,

  • Payment option 1: $99 per month.
  • Payment option 2: $75 per month when billed annually.

Regardless of the payment option you choose, you get the following perks with it,

  • 250000 Impressions/Month
  • 25 funnels
  • 250 pages
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 10 Team Members
  • 400+ Templates
  • 20 Videos Hosted
  • 100GB/month Video Bandwidth
  • Unlimited product inclusion
  • A/B Split testing
  • Free SSL
  • Page Importer
  • They also offer 14 days free trial option.

Kartra vs Convertri Summary

Both Kartra and Convertri have the potential to take your small business and boost it exponentially. With these powerful programs, more than half of your technical work is done! If you're not tech savvy, don't worry! Leave the coding and programming to Kartra and Convertri.

All you need to do is come up with better ideas and focus on upgrading your business. Their implementation is the work of the platforms! Now in this Kartra vs Convertri, we have highlighted which one is ideal for whom.

Who Is The Kartra Tool Recommended To?

Unfortunately, Kartra web marketing software is not for everyone. It was mainly developed for infopreneurs who do not want to encumber themselves with several tools to manage their activity. Likewise, for small businesses that don't have time to waste on creating a member area for their training. In short, it targets entrepreneurs looking for an easy-to-use tool.

Who Is Convertri Tool Recommended To?

Convertri is specifically designed for people who want to build a professional website. It's a perfect tool for those who want more sales, more leads, and more sales from them. In this case, you have to use Convertri. This tool will be perfect for all business people, product sellers, marketers, and freelancers.


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