How To Integrate ActiveCampaign With GroovePages

When we talk about generating leads and making a considerable profit by selling online, GroovePages is the tool that you need for the job.

GroovePages is a powerful website, sales funnel builder, and landing pages software.

It is one of the features offered by GrooveFunnels, a funnel builder having a variety of digital marketing tools and services.

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GroovePages Features

Let’s take a look at GroovePage’s features to help you determine if this funnel builder is a fit for your business.

Here’s a list of the essential features with short descriptions of each.


Drag-And-Drop Editor

GroovePages allows you to edit via a drag-and-drop editor to quickly and easily edit any sales funnel or any page of your website.

Now select the element you want to add, drag it onto the page, and drop it as your desired place. 


Free Hosting

You don’t have to pay extra money while working on GroovePages to any domain company like GoDaddy or Siteground. Even GroovePages will host your custom domains for free. 



If you have worked correctly on pop-ups, they will undoubtedly generate new and large numbers of leads and encourage sales with less annoying visitors.

And this is a feature provided by GroovePages to its members.

Users of GroovePages can easily create Pop-ups that will trigger whenever a visitor will click a button, go to the exit page, or is on a new page.

In our recommendation, use an exit-intent pop-up for your sales funnels because it’s one of the least invasive and highest converting pop-ups.


Device-Based Customizations

You can customize your sales funnel or website look on different devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad, or tablet.

It will be a bit tedious customizing that you have to do for all different versions, but it will be worth it for your upcoming lead generation activity. 

How To Integrate ActiveCampaign With GroovePages

Adding ActiveCampaign Integration:

  • Click on Hamburger Icon and then select my integration and then click on Add. 
  • Then Under Integration Type, select ActiveCampaign and give your integration a name.
  • For API Key, login to ActiveCampaign and go to Settings. Then Click on Developer and copy the URL from there.
  • Head back to Groove and paste that URL in the URL box.
  • Back to ActiveCampaign and Copy the API Key and paste it in the API Key box.
  • Now Click on Update. 

Create pages in the “Funnels tab”:

When you create Funnels, always make them in the Funnels tab instead of the Pages Tab. The Pages Tab is where you design your website pages.

For creating Funnels, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘+’ button at the right top of the Funnels Columns. 
  • Select a blank template. Then on Page 1, there are three dots. Under it, click on Edit Settings.
  • There you have to give a name to your page, the page URL, and Page Title
  • Then click on check.

Add blocks and elements to GroovePages:

  • Go to Block and then Wireframes. Then click on Empty Container under the Empty column. 
  • Now drag an empty container on the right-side area.
  • Click on Elements and then remove one column element and click on that element. Make sure that you are on Layout 1
  • After that, provide that element with the required padding. Reduce its size as well.
  • Click back on the container, go to Layout, and select Vertical. Select for Primary and Secondary keep it in the center.

# Using ActiveCampaign element on GroovePages

Creating a list in ActiveCampaign:

  • Scroll down under Integrations.
  • Drag in an ActiveCampaign Form to the right area of the screen.
  • Hit back to ActiveCampaign and Click on Lists. 
  • Create New list by clicking on Add List. Give this list a name, enter your domain name in the List URL and enter the list description. Lastly, click on Add.

Styling & Formatting form:

  • Head back to Groove before your start, stylize this form. Make sure that the toggle bar is over to the right so that it can highlight all devices. By this, whatever the change you’ll make, it will implement it in all devices.
  • To stylize the ActiveCampaign Form element, Click on the Label (Email and First Name)if you want to change the Label’s size, color, and font style.
  • Go back to Elements, Drag Heading 2 into the container. Make sure that the Text Element is inside the container in the breadcrumb. 
  • Once it is inside the container, Go over to design, scroll to Spacing and add some margin.
  • Click on input, then on Configure, copy and paste your InputID in the box. Also, change your Input Placeholder name as well. 
  • Click on Add Validation Rule, and Input type will be text and mark the check on the empty box below. 
  • Hit on Update.
  • Repeat the process for the following input. 
  • Now you can also stylize the Download button as per requirement.

Creating Thankyou Page in Funnel tab:

  • Go to Funnel, Click on Funnel 1, click on three dots, and select Clone. 
  • Now click on three dots again under Funnel 1 and edit settings. 
  • Give this page name as Thank You. Page URL will be ‘Typ,’ and Page title will be Thank You only.
  • Click on Check. Now that your page has now turned into a Thank You page add the ActiveCampaign Component and delete it. 
  • Now go back to Elements, drag the H2 to space and edit the text to “Thank you! Your free checklist is on the way.”

Add a redirect to the thank you page after submitting:

  • Come back to the Funnels Tab and Click on the Opt-in page. 
  • When someone enters their name and email and clicks on the submit button, you want to redirect them to the Thank You page. 
  • Click on the right area of the screen to make sure that you are still on ActiveCampaign Component.
  • Click on Configure, and your integration will appear. Now select the list that you have created previously for the Thank You page to redirect. 
  • Click on the Linked Page and select Thank You. 
  • Hit the Update Button. 


That's all about on how to integrate ActiveCampaign with GroovePages. This method does the job. It’s pretty easy. Any person with or without in-depth knowledge of coding can do that without any hassle.

The only drawback to this method is that you can’t add a tag when someone opts for a Form into GroovePages unless you have created an ActiveCampaign Automation to add a tag.

So that’s how you integrate ActiveCampaign with GroovePages with so many added features. Thanks for reading through!


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