How To Share Funnels In GrooveFunnels

If you are a regular user of GrooveFunnels, you might also know the features that promote and enhance your online portal’s audience and generate unexpected leads in very little time.

One of its features is known as Share funnels, which was recently made available by GrooveFunnels.

With this feature, you don’t have to import or export your HTML files to clone your funnels, rather you can directly do it in Share funnels.

Even if you have free GrooveFunnels account, you can still take advantage of sharing funnels for free.

This article will discuss what is sharing funnels, along with its benefits, and how you can share funnels in GrooveFunnels.

What Is Share Funnels?

Groove funnels have so many features, and those features also have too many sub-features that are not only easy to use but quite flexible for a newbie.

Sharing a funnel is one of the features of GroovePages. It allows you to send the whole funnel to another groove user to add that into their account.

Also, it will enable you to create a duplicate copy of your funnel into your account if there comes a requirement.

Benefits of Share Funnels

Here are the most frequently observed benefits of Share funnels:

  • It won’t create a hassle in making the same funnel.
  • Your affiliate link embeds in your share funnels

  • And lastly, your affiliate will get an exact copy result of your funnels.

How to Share Funnels in GrooveFunnels

Here is the step by step guide for you to Share funnels in GrooveFunnels:

Generating Share Funnels Link

  • You have to log in to GroovePages to share funnels and then browse the site you wish to share.
  • Click on the Hamburger icon followed by “Share Site.”

  • A pop-up will appear on the screen, and on that, click on “Add.”

  • It will generate a link for you, and make sure that you copy that link because you will share it with your other Groove members.

  • If any member hasn’t signed up for their account on GrooveFunnels, it will directly take them to the signup page.

  • The best thing is that your affiliate link automatically embeds in the share funnels link. 

  • If someone signs up for a free GrooveFunnels account and then clones your funnel, you will receive a credit for that as that member’s affiliate link embeds in your shared funnels.

  • Later on, if they upgrade to GrooveFunnels platinum or the monthly Groove funnels plan, you will receive an affiliate commission for sharing funnels.

Customizing the Funnel

If you already have GrooveFunnels on, it will automatically upload a copy of the funnels in your GroovePages section.

You can find two copies of the same funnel in the GroovePages. All you need to do is click on three dots and then on edit. Now you can customize your funnels as per your requirements.

Things to remember while using Share funnels

  • Head over to Pages, click on three dots, and then “Edit Settings” on each page.
  • Then change your page name, page title, along with meta keywords and description to match up with your funnels.

  • After completing, click on the check icon and close out of it. 

  • Now, if you wish to change site settings, then head back to the hamburger icon and click on “Site Settings.”

  • You can change your business or site name, favicon. 

  • Next, scroll down. Under “Code includes,” you must have your own Google Analytics Code or Google Tag Manager in it.

  • It applies to the title and the open graph image.

  • But first, make sure that you update every cloned item in your site details.

  • Now click on the check icon on the top corner to save the changes made.

  • Once you complete all changes made in the settings in your funnel, you have two choices; first, you can make your changes to the page content, or second, you can also swap out your opt-in form.

  • Next, on the top corner, click on publish, and you will see a new panel appearing on the right side of the screen.

  • Click on “Publish” on your domain and then enter the custom domain URL.

  • Lastly, at the bottom of the settings, click on “Publish.”


Finally, we are done with the article on how to share funnels in Groovefunnels. I hope you found all the answers which you have been looking out for in this context.

Sharing funnels on GrooveFunnels doesn’t require any knowledge for a specific theory. Just follow the steps as mentioned earlier, and you are there.


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