GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi | Honest Comparison

The sales funnel builders, and landing pages have taken sales marketing to the next level. It acts as an effective solution in replacing all the old traditional marketing practices. Embracing automation can give a positive impact on your business and which is why using sales funnel builders is crucial for your business. I hope you are aware of these things and assuming that you looked for the best sales funnel builder and have shortlisted two tools, GrooveFunnels and Kajabi.

Now deciding which one is best among the both is not simple because both the sales funnel builders are all-in-one-platform, which means that you can find all the tools that you need for marketing in one package. So this article will debate on GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi. 

What is GrooveFunnels?


You might have noticed different definition about GrooveFunnels. Now let me put it in simple terms. Usually, you need multiple tools to monitor your online business and it is an expensive process. That being said, what if you get all the best and advanced marketing tools in a package at an affordable price. Good to hear right? Well, that's what GrooveFunnels is. This sales funnel tool is backed by top marketing professionals and developer. 

If you are planning to sell goods online with ease, then GrooveFunnels can be your ideal choice. Still some of the tools and features aren't released yet.

What is Kajabi?


Building an online business is no joke. You gotta be serious about growing your business successfully. Even if you are a person with zero coding skills, you will be able to build sales funnels using Kajabi. It is that simple and easy to use.

So if you are looking to build, market and sell your online course, coaching program, any membership site without coding, learning curve, plugins and broken integration, then do it using Kajabi. Like GrooveFunnels, this is also a one-time destination that comes with the package of multiple marketing tools that can help boost sales. 

Now that you got a basic intro about both GrooveFunnels and Kajabi, now we are getting back to the debate GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi. Let's start comparing the features between these two now.

1.Page and Website Builder


groovefunnels page builder

GrooveFunnels has GroovePages as a page and website builder. This is the built-in site, page and funnel builder. It is quite similar to Kajabi's page builder, but it is a more friendly page builder. The beginners will find the drag and drop editor easy.

You get numerous customization pages, so you can bring the design which you have in your mind here easily.

Unlike Kajabi, GroovePages offers an A/B split testing which allows you to compare the control and variation of a site, and you can determine which performs better. This helps in boosting conversion.


kajabi page builder

Create and customize web pages with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No coding, No complicated user interface, no rocket science needed. Build an amazing page builder using Kajabi.

You can find the current page sections and the setting options on the left side of the screen, while on the right side, you get to see the live preview of the new page. You get 40+ pre-built section templates that are customizable. Also, Kajabi's page builder is extremely mobile responsive.


GroovePages wins this hands down as Kajabi lacks A/B testing features and a landing page marketplace. If you want to build an entire website, you have only six themes and lack many built-in page templates and customization options.

2.Email Marketing

Though social media marketing plays a big role in today's world, Still Email marketing has a strong share of almost 40 times more new customers than the social media big giants.

I expected three things in both email marketing tools, they are Email service provider, in-depth email analytics and email customer relationship management tool.


GrooveFunnels email marketing

With GrooveMail, you get an email service provider and an email marketing CRM. So you can build email campaigns, send HTML emails, send personalized automated emails and importantly schedule follow-ups. GrooveMail has a top-notch email analytics which greatly helps to analyse and monitor your email marketing works.


kajabi email marketing

You get email editor, email personalization, lead importation, broadcasts, message open tracking and much more features with Kajabi mail. It also allows you send unlimited marketing emails irrespective of the pricing plan you have opted. But I must say that it lacks the most important features like click-through rate tracking feature and scheduling email campaigns.


Kajabi lacks email split testing, email scheduling and limited click through rate tracking whereas GrooveMail has got more advanced features and is also compatible with popular email providers. So if you don't like to change your email provider, then you can continue with the same in GrooveFunnels.

3. eCommerce Platform

Some of the essential eCommerce tools are order forms, easy checkout, that supports international currencies, abandoned cart follow-up, multi-payment processing, one-click upsells, coupons and free trials. You can find all these tools in both sales builders. But what is the advantages of one over the other? Let's see.


GrooveFunnels ecom

If you want to sell physical products as well as digital products with ease, then GrooveSells is the best tool. You can Upsell, & Downsell here and you also get viral marketing tools and a detailed reporting and analytics.

Unlike Kajabi, you can sell numerous products online without any restrictions. These tools greatly help you in setting up and managing your online affiliate business.


kajabi ecom

Kajabi's eCommerce platform has numerous features in it. But the problem with it is, this platform is optimzed for e-courses and other digital products. This means selling physical products is that feasible. Also, based on the plans, the number of products that can be sold changes. 

Eg: In basic plan, you can market only three different products, in growth plan, you can sell maximum 15 products and hundred products in the pro plan, but it is expensive.


As I mentioned already, Kajabi's pro plan is expensive and als0 you can sell only 100 products but here GrooveSell is available for free. So you know who won here.

4. Customer support

No matter if you are well-versed in using a particular tool or just a beginner, when you get stuck while using it, by default you will contact customer support for help. Well, so you know the importance of customer support. So now, let's talk about the customer support in both tools.


GrooveFunnels customer support

GrooveFunnels has GrooveDesk that deals with customer support. It has an integrated assistance desk system and it can deal with tickets, fix concerns or notice it to employee. Overall, it comes with best features that handle the customer support. But this tool is still in beta version and is expected to get released in the 2nd quarter of this year.


Kajabi help desk

Kajabi has a help center using which customer's can get their issues solved. There are also blogs that can clarify your doubts on how to use the tools offered by Kajabi. The best part is Kajabi hosts a daily, live Q&A webinars, so you can interact with people and get your doubts solved. 


Your existing customers tend you choose the next best tool if you don't have a good customer support because they are left with no choice. So here both tools has a decent customer support.

5. Affiliate Program


GrooveFunnels Affiliate program

The GrooveAffiliate is a user-friendly tool. Affiliate marketing works with the best strategies and can easily attract more customers to your brand. Even a layperson can understand the uses and earn a lot using the GrooveAffiliate program.

On a basic plan, you get around 20% commissions for any sales your affiliate brings to the company, while you can earn up to 40% commissions in the paid account. It has a two-tier affiliate program where it pays you up to 10%.


Kajabi affiliate program

Kajabi is mainly designed to sell online courses. You can do your online course using this tool and encourage your partnerships to sell your course on your behalf while you will be receiving a commission from the affiliate programs.

The affiliate program can manage the affiliate registrations and accounts, set up an affiliate marketing system, track and calculate the conversions and affiliate earnings and finally give you detailed affiliate reports.


Kajabi doesn't offer the affiliate program in the basic plan. You can access it only in the growth and pro plan. Whereas GrooveFunnels has offered the affiliate program in the free plan. So comparing this feature GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi, the winner here in GrooveFunnels. 

6. Pricing - GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi

Based on the price you can compare on which is the best in GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi. The price quotes by both tools can help decide whether or not to buy it. 


GrooveFunnels Pricing

We know that GrooveFunnels is a new player and has yet to release its other tools and features. Currently, it offers two plans, a free plan and a platinum lifetime plan. The free plan offers GroovePages and GrooveSell for free, which is something you must take advantage of.


kajabi pricing

You will find three pricing plans for Kajabi. You will find three pricing plans for Kajabi. They are basic plans that offer support for one website and three products and pipelines. The growth plan supports one website like the basic plan but can promote 15 products and pipelines. The pro plan supports three websites and 100 products and pipelines.

Final Verdict

The free plan of GrooveFunnels offers big tools for free while Kajabi's plans are bit expensive when compared to the offers and GrooveFunnels and also has some limitations based on the plans. 

What are the extra tools offered by these funnels?

Now let's see the other exclusive tools offered by Groovefunnels and Kajabi. 

Extra tools offered by GrooveFunnels are 

  • GrooveAcademy which is a knowledge base that consists of much information about digital marketing
  • GrooveSurvey - You can build and link surveys to your website
  • GrooveAds - This is an advertising service of GrooveFunnels.
  • GrooveCalendar - You can manage your appointments and many things using calendars
  • GrooveStreaming - Stream live and recorded content via Groovestreaming
  • GrooveAutomations - You can automate the workflow of funnels using this tool.

Extra tools offered by Kajabi are

  • Fully-integrated websites has every part of your online business in one place.
  • Tag people based on their behavior
  • Take advantage of advanced analytics which you gives you a detailed report in intuitive dashboards

Who should choose Kajabi and why?

If you solely intend to build a website and sell online courses and would like to offer membership-based content and want to use well-experienced software, then choose the Kajabi. 

Who should choose GrooveFunnels and why?

You can choose GrooveFunnels if you are on a budget and want to sell a product and focus on landing pages and sales funnels.  


Talking about the other features like Easy of use, customizability and much more, both these tools stand equal. But still the answer on who has won the GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi hasn't disclosed yet.

Kajabi is the best tool for building your course and membership area, and they have excellent tutorials that can help you in setup. Also, it has the best community-building platform. But the problem is it has limitations based on the plans, and it is pricey than GrooveFunnels.

But on the other hand, GrooveFunnels has the best marketing tools and advanced features that can shoot up sales. It is a robust all-in-one platform for business and is SEO-friendly. Since it integrates GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, you can manage your sales more efficiently.

So this article on GrooveFunnels Vs Kajabi, GrooveFunnels wins. This tool has the upper hand over the Kajabi and assuming that you have read this article, you hope you know why it is.

Though many tools are still in beta, the GrooveFunnels team is working hard to release many marketing tools at an affordable price.


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