GrooveFunnels vs Instapages – Which One Takes The Crown?

Are you confused about which is the best sales funnel builder among GrooveFunnels vs Instapage? Well, we've got you covered! In this article, I will compare these two in detail to make it easier for you to decide which one is best. Before we compare GrooveFunnels and Instapages, let's take a look at them individually.


GrooveFunnels is a revolutionary all-in-one marketing platform that allows users to create websites and landing pages to promote and sell products and sales funnels. It's one of the emerging tools that is gaining a lot of attention from online marketers in recent times. This is mainly because a GrooveFunnels membership gives access to features such as GroovePages, GrooveMember, GrooveSell, GrooveKart, and many other things.


However, these tools to which you will have access will depend on the membership levels to which you subscribe. The best thing is that they offer a basic plan that is entirely free and allows you to test their platform.


Instapage is an advanced all-in-one funnels builder. It is one fo the perfect landing page solution for optimizing post-click experiences at scale. Instapage is the leader in post-click optimization. It helps the advertisers and marketers to maximizes the conversions by createing personalized and optimized post-click experience.

The millions of landing pages and an average conversion rate of 22% of Instapage helps over 15,000 customers in 100 countries to gain more sales from their campaigns.

Instapage Dashboard

They have thus been able to win over more than 15,000 users who are agencies, startups, and larger companies. Regarding prices, they are detailed at the end of the article. Be aware, however, that Instapage offers a 14-day trial period to test all features and give yourself an opinion.

GrooveFunnels vs Instapages Comparison

1. Features



GrooveFunnels is a fusion of different tools that you would require to start your online business.

Though there are different tools and applications in the GrooveFunnels suite, they have planned to add more tools and features this year.  


GroovePages lets you build a great-looking website and sales funnels from start to finish. It uses a progressive JavaScript Framework called VUEJS, which is miles ahead of anything that exists today.

GroovePages also allows you to create and publish your sites in HTML, which drastically improves page load times and considerably improves SEO. Also, it's the first of its kind, as it focuses on mobile-first indexing, plus they use the best hosting servers you can find: Amazon servers.


GrooveSell is a great sales platform for all those who wish to sell their products or services online, whether it is ebooks, courses, coaching, video training, etc. It allows you to build your product, add payments pages, upsell, activate the affiliate program, and much more without paying anything. It also provides a marketplace where affiliates can find your products and promote them.


GrooveAffiliate is basically an affiliate platform and marketplaces like ClickBank, whereas an affiliate you can sign up to promote products that sellers will add. GrooveAffiliate is a subcategory or subsection of GrooveSell. It's a super clean app with everything you need in terms of tracking, commissions, refunds, clicks, and more.

It is ideal for all affiliates programs as it is easy to understand, navigate, and use. In addition, for the sale of products, it does not charge any transaction fees to sellers.


GrooveMail is an autoresponder tool like MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, etc. in fact, and it is a little more robust. It allows you to send automatic emails follow-up emails and allows you to do behavior-based email marketing. You can also perform external and voice broadcasts.

groovemail - GrooveFunnels vs Instapages


GrooveMember is a powerful membership / CMS platform that allows you to distribute your content in a restricted membership area. It will enable you to create free accounts and scalable accounts; it will also allow you to distribute your content, create beautiful themes, have videos, downloads, and many others.

Plus, GrooveMember can be easily integrated with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, so you don't have to look anywhere else for a membership site or sales platform.

In short, you can easily list your products, have affiliated to promote them, and only provide access to members.


GrooveVideo is a video hosting platform similar to the premium version of Vimeo. It will allow you to upload your videos, split test videos, see analyzes, control player controls, add tags, edit thumbnails, etc. Another pretty cool feature of GrooveVideo is that it can be integrated with the rest of the tools.

groovevideo - GrooveFunnels vs Instapages


GrooveDesk is an integrated support system. It will let you see and manage any tickets that might arise, and from there, you can either solve the ticket yourself or have a college do it.


GrooveCalendar is for setting up appointments and schedules. Thus, it will allow you to plan your Yoga classes, coaching sessions, music lessons, meetings, sales consultations, etc.

When people sign up to contact you, you can set up email sequences and auto follows up with GrooveMail.

GrooveSurvey & GrooveQuiz

GrooveSurvey allows you to create and integrate surveys into your different sites and funnels. GrooveSurvey is yet to update its features and plans, so let's be patient for more information!

Similarly, GrooveQuiz allows you to create quizzes to add to your landing pages, funnels, and websites.


GrooveKart is the original application in the GrooveApps series, and it is an online shopping cart or sales software. It is also a great alternative to the Shopify platform.

It lets you do all of the same things Shopify does - it has funnels, re-targeting features, analytics, social proof, timers, and all the other tools you need to sell physical products on the internet.



Unlike Wix or Strikingly, Instapage is not about building a complete website, but it helps you design and publish landing pages for online marketing.

Some of its interesting features are:

Landing page construction

Based on a simple drag and drop system, this tool is very intuitive and allows you to easily generate beautiful landing pages in a few minutes without the help of a developer.


Instapage provides one of the largest library of templates, where you get over 200 templates suitable for every situation. Of course, each model is customizable as per your will.

builder - GrooveFunnels vs Instapages


It is possible to assess the conversion and performance of all your landing pages using a dashboard that is full of data.

A / B Testing

To optimize conversion rates, Instapage includes an A/B testing tool that compares the different versions of a page to identify the one that performs best.

Collaboration tools

GrooveFunnels has also developed this functionality to facilitate team design for those who work in an agency or company.


Due to its notoriety, Instapage has the advantage of integrating with much other analysis, CRM, emailing, marketing automation solutions as well as CMS such as WordPress.

More effective advertising campaigns

Instapage helps you increase the "Quality Score" of your Google Ads, with fast and relevant web pages personalized for each target keyword. Best of all, you get a better ranking for your Ads and a lower cost per click. The software also boosts the conversions of your social Ads while reducing your cost per acquisition.

Thanks to creating a relevant landing page for each of your Ads.

2. Pricing Details - Groovefunnels vs Instapages


GrooveFunnels vs Instapages

Regarding the price, Instapage offers two different packages:

  • The Building plan at $199 / month includes the basic functionalities of creating and publishing landing pages. It includes features to optimize conversion, including A/B testing, heatmaps, and analytics.
  • The Custom package: Personalized package for businesses, the cost depends on your needs. It is necessary to carry out a demo and to contact Instapage for this.


GrooveFunnels vs Instapages

As for GrooveFunnels, it currently offers only two plans.

  • Free Plan – The free plan comes with lifetime access to GroovePages and GrooveSell and limited access to other tools.
  • Platinum Lifetime Plan ($1397) – This plan is available only for a limited time and gives access to all of GrooveFunnels' current and future tools.

GrooveFunnels vs Instapages Summary

As of now, in this GrooveFunnels Vs Instapages comparison, you would have got some ideas about both GrooveFunnels and InstaPage tools. These are solid marketing platforms that would help you to boost your online business. They offer great tools and features that allow you to build an online business.

Overall, in my opinion, GrooveFunnels will be a better choice. It covers everything you would need for your online business under one roof. You can find templates for almost all businesses models, and it offers a lot more at an incredible price.

However, that doesn't mean GrooveFunnels is the right tool for everyone. 

Why Choose GrooveFunnels?

No other marketing platform will ever provide significant features at reasonable prices like GrooveFunnels. It can replace almost all SaaS tools related to the online marketing industry or do it in the near future.

GrooveFunnels includes all the tools you will ever need to build a highly efficient online marketing system. So if you want an ultimate all-in-one tool for your business, then GrooveFunnels will be the best choice. Another best thing about GrooveFunnels is that they offer all these tools at a very affordable price.

Why Choose Instapage?

Instapage is also a good choice for looking for a few specific tools and features. To be more precise, if you are looking for some personalization feature or Advertising maps, Instapage is one of the best options. Many business enterprises like Soundcloud, ADP, eBay, Honey, Vimeo have used Instapage.

This tool is recommended for a large-scale business. However, for most small businesses, Instapage tools would only make a minor impact. So it would be better to go for something like GrooveFunnels, which comes with many more tools (that can make a big difference impact revenue).

That's a wrap for Groovefunnels vs Instapages article. If you find this comparison article interesting, them give it a thumbs up. 


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