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Kajabi Summary

Either you are a beginner or someone who have been doing business online for a while, you need to read our Kajabi review to learn how this tool acts as an all in one solution to sell your products online.

Key Features

  • Analytics.
  • landing pages.
  • Funnel Builder.
  • Email marketing.
  • SMS Integrations.
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Easy to Use




In this Kajabi review let's discuss why you need this platform for your online business. Having a website and building an online presence is instrumental in growing your business and subsequently, increasing your sales. And you need to manage several tools, software, plugins and apps to run an online business successfully.

These tools include a website builder, a web host, content management system, an email marketing platform and much more.

All these top sales funnel tools combined lure customers to your website and help to keep them engaged so that they decide on purchasing your product or service. Keep in mind that though these tools work together, they are generally separate from each other.

However, Kajabi is a software that provides all these tools on a single platform. You no longer have to worry about learning skills like coding and designing to build your website, landing pages or an email autoresponder. Kajabi does all of these tasks for you. 

So in this Kajabi review, you will learn everything about this tool. If you want to try Kajabi, click the below given button to land in the official Kajabi site.

WHAT IS kajabi?

Kajabi Review

Kajabi is an all-in-one, web-based software that gives you almost all of the tools needed to make money from selling your products, services, and most importantly, online courses. Most of the users of Kajabi utilize the software to market their online courses since its online course platform is one of the best. 

This all-in-one platform comes with: -

  • Website building tools
  • Blogging features
  • Marketing tools
  • Membership site/online course software
  • Private community social area
  • In-built video streaming
  • Payment processing on site
  • Email marketing tools
  • Landing page tools
  • Features for affiliate marketing
  • Automated marketing funnels for list building

With these features that we have listed in this Kajabi review, you will expand your business online and grow your customer base even if you have zero knowledge of coding and design. This will allow you to save time and money.

Kajabi Pricing Plan Table

In this Kajabi review, we have listed out the pricing plans in the below given tables. There are both monthly and annual plans given so check out which one suits you.



  • 1 Website
  • 3 Products
  • 1 Admin User
  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.



  • 1 Website
  • 15 Products
  • 10 Admin Users
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.



  • 3 Websites
  • 100 Products
  • 25 Admin Users
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 2,000,000 Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.




  • 1 Website
  • 3 Products
  • 1 Admin User
  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.




  • 1 Website
  • 15 Products
  • 10 Admin Users
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.




  • 3 Websites
  • 100 Products
  • 25 Admin Users
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 2,000,000 Marketing Emails

Secure Payment.


Kajabi allows you to sell your products or host your online programs and deliver them to your customers in a professional manner.

You can use Kajabi to build fully-fledged websites and landing pages. It can also be used to run a blog, create sales funnels, grow your mailing list and automate your email marketing. It also comes with payment apps integration and other external app integrations.

Since Kajabi offers almost everything you need on its platform, you don’t need skills for coding or designing, nor do you need separate tools for individual tasks. 

Before moving into the next part of the Kajabi review, click the below given button if you want to try Kajabi.

Features of Kajabi

In this Kajabi review, we are going to talk about the features of Kajabi. This platform comes with several unique and unusual features that make it a handy tool for entrepreneurs: -

1) Website Builders

  • One of Kajabi’s most durable features is its intuitive website builder. 
  • All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of the layout, and users can make changes to the site according to their requirements.
  • The web builder also comes with an extensive library of pre-built themes that can be modified.
  • You can select a pre-defined topic or import your custom theme.
  • You can give each product a unique item to distinguish it from others.

2) Landing Pages

  • Kajabi’s page builder is a visual, drag-and-drop editor where you can make changes on your website’s front end.
  • The page builder interface is clean and well designed.
  • With the page builder, you can make changes on individual pages on your website.
  • Users can define the page level settings for fonts, colors, font sizes, etc. Users can also add new sections to your page.
  • It comes with 40+ pre-built sections for various purposes.
  • You can also modify or update elements within a part of your page.
  • Additionally, Kajabi’s page builder is mobile responsive. So, all the pages created by the users will be mobile responsive by default.
  • Kajabi also gives you the option to show or hide specific page elements on desktop or mobile.
  • Kajabi’s page builder is extremely flexible and offers a lot of editing options, but at the same time, it is easy to use.
  • If users do not like any of the pre-designed sections or page designs, they can build new ones from scratch.

3) Custom Domains

  • All Kajabi sites are given custom domain top-level domain names. The custom domain name is the name that you see in the address bar when you visit a website.
  • Custom made domain name gives your brand a unique identity, making it easier to direct your product store.

4) Blog Creation

  • With the blogging features of Kajabi, users can do everything you need to create an effective content marketing strategy using blogging as your main form of the published content.
  • Using a blog, you can post: 
  • Educational pieces
  • Personal reflections
  • Extra tips and tricks in your niche
  • Discussions
  • If users are selling a product or service, you can post blogs related to it.
  • This will also contribute towards marketing your product/ service.

5) Unlimited Hosting

  • Kajabi is a hosted solution, i.e., it provides you with all the infrastructure to build your website, including hosting.
  • Users don’t have to buy any separate hosting package or upgrade the hosting feature as site traffic increases. Kajabi takes care of it all in the background.
  • Kajabi provides a free SSL certificate for your website. It is enabled by default on all your pages to don’t need to go through a setup process.
  • It also takes care of any maintenance or updates on the platform.
  • Kajabi also enables you to remove their branding from your website and thus white-label it.

6) Membership Capabilities

  • Kajabi lets users create exclusive membership sites featuring gated content.
  • You can also create as many membership pages as you want and set different offers for each.
  • This is an excellent approach to incentivize your customers to pursue more of your content.
  • Once you set up your membership sites, you can choose the payment options and how the customers will be billed for their subscription.

7) Customer Support And Security

  • Kajabi comes with a 24/7 IT customer service, customer support team, and live chat support to help with any security issues.
  • They allow users to import SSL certificates for site security purposes. 
  • The basic plan (subscription plans discussed later) offers customer support only during regular business hours, whereas, growth or higher plans give unlimited 24/7 support.
  • State-of-the-art security systems protect all Kajabi-run sites.
  • All your information and your customers’ information will always remain private, and all payment details and financial information are safe.

8) SEO

  • Kajabi offers some SEO tools to the users for gauging their online presence to help them improve it.
  • SEO enables you to craft the language on your site to perform well in the search ranking to find your content more easily online.
  • Kajabi has a separate Analytics section in the admin dashboard where you can see several reports for tracking things like opt-ins, revenue, page views, affiliate sales, etc.

9) E-mail Marketing

  • Kajabi offers its users an extremely versatile set of email marketing tools built into the platform.
  • These tools help you create automated email sequences that are sent based on user actions. As a result, you can send an automated email campaign to grow your customer base.
  • You can add unlimited emails to an email sequence. You can also set the number of days after which you want the emails to be sent.
  • You can also tag your users and create segments that make managing your subscribers easier and help create more effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Segmenting user lists is a great way to personalize your emails and interactions with customers.
  • Kajabi Automation allows you to automate your email marketing completely.
  • One-time broadcasts can be created along with recurring shows, and a set specific triggers to send emails.

10) Marketing Pipelines

  • Kajabi’s content marketing platform makes it easier for you to market your products and services.
  • The Pipeline customization screen gives you a visual representation of your pipeline schematic, which you can edit by dragging and dropping the elements.
  • You can add videos, images, special offers, and more at strategic locations in your pipeline to maximize customer conversions.
  • The editor also gives you tips and suggestions on how to set up your pipes.
  • The pipeline features also provide you with email copies from successful campaigns to give you an idea about making your campaign better.
  • You can check your pipeline analytics to see how your campaigns are doing and track how much revenue you are generating.
  • You can also set up email sequences for customers and opt-in form submissions.

11) Affiliate Program

  • Kajabi offers an integrated affiliate program that you can use to expand your reach and generate more revenue.
  • Affiliate programs are an excellent way to grow your audience and find new leads.
  • You can create shared links and pass those along to your affiliate users.
  • Whenever a person purchases after clicking on a share link, the affiliate user receives a commission.
  • This will help you grow your mailing lists and give you more marketing opportunities in the future.
  • Another way to use this program is to become an affiliate yourself and promote Kajabi.

12) Webminars

  • You can set up evergreen live webinars as a part of your marketing efforts.
  • Webinars can be pre-recorded videos or can be done on live-stream.
  • Evergreen webinars are used to generate a stream of passive income and generate new leads.

13) Integrated And Multiple Payment Options

  • Kajabi has payment interfaces for Stripe and PayPal built into the platform. 
  • Using these two payment gateways open you up to receive payments from anywhere in the world in whatever currency you want.
  • You can integrate third-party payment processing apps if you do not want to use Stripe or PayPal.
  • Kajabi also recognizes that many of its users may not want to give their products a single pricing option.
  • Users can change pricing options according to their requirements. It can be a recurring payment (weekly, monthly, annual) or a one-time payment.
  • You can set up coupons for one-time use or create unique links that give customers discounts for following them.
  • Also, you can choose which offers this coupon applies to.
  • Taxes are automatically calculated with the final sales totals. Kajabi keeps a record of financial transactions for tax purposes.

14) Course Hosting

  • The course hosting platform is one of Kajabi’s most powerful features.
  • Its online course creation tool has an intuitive interface that lets you build your courses from scratch.
  • You can organize your classes into categories and classify them based on the different posts under each product listing.
  • Sessions can be held based on prices, skill level, whether or not it is premium content, length, and more.
  • Individual lessons, lectures, webinars, eBooks, and other materials can be put behind a paywall and connected to a membership offer.
  • Kajabi allows multiple files and video uploads for online course content.
  • It provides unlimited video hosting at no extra cost, and you can also upload PDF, text, and other kinds of documents.
  • It also allows you to set up an automated schedule to drip new content repeatedly.
  • You can also create quizzes and assessments for your courses and create a customized and personalized certificate upon completing the course.

15) Blog Creation

  • Although Kajabi is marketed as an all-in-one marketing and business platform, the creators understand that not everyone may be comfortable using their built-in suite of tools.
  • Therefore, the platform is compatible with several third-party integrations to open up new customization options.
  • The platform offers third-party integrations for the following apps:
  • Aweber
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • MailChimp
  • Active  Campaign
  • Segment
  • Facebook pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • ClickFunnels
  • These integrations are set up so that any information on your site is imported to the correct application.

These are some of the best features that are worth mentioning in this Kajabi review. You can click the below given button to sign up for Kajabi.


Now in this Kajabi review, lets discuss about the benefits of it. Kajabi has several advantages over other similar platforms which make it a truly unique software: -

Here are some advantages of using Kajabi:

  • All-in-one platform:  You don’t have to worry about patching together multiple tools and learning how to use them. You don’t even have to pay for all those platforms separately. Intuitive drag and drop editor makes it very simple to build your website
  • Visual pipeline and sales funnel editor: The visual representation of your sales funnel makes it easy to see how your tube is set up.
  • Customizable templates: Kajabi offers a massive library of fully customizable templates to edit down to the last element.
  • Built-in payment processing: You can accept payment through the integrated platforms of PayPal and Stripe.
  • Membership sites:  You can create a private content area that users can access only when they become members. This is a great way to monetize your website.
  • Third-party integrations:  Kajabi comes with ten native app integrations, including Zapier. The Zapier app, in turn, opens up thousands of potential non-native app integrations.
  • Online course platform: Kajabi’s online course platform allows you to create your online courses from scratch. You get to choose how your customers can access the content, make online assessments and tests, and give out certificates to those who complete your course.
  • Affiliate program: You can expand your reach online through the affiliate program, where your affiliates can advertise your product or service. On the other hand, you can become an affiliate yourself and promote others’ businesses.

So these are some of the best benefits and advantages given in the Kajabi review.


Kajabi is an excellent tool that you can use to promote and expand your business online. However, like every other software, this one has some downsides as well. Lets discuss about the demerits in this Kajabi review.

  • Higher prices: Compared to other software that works similarly, Kajabi is pretty expensive. However, it still provides value for your money.
  • Limited built-in payment methods: Kajabi only has native payment functionality with Stripe and PayPal.
  • Although the online course platform is impressive, it does not support advanced testing elements like question banks, randomization of tests, etc.
  • Also, it does not allow you to create certificates for the completion of courses natively. You will have to use a third-party platform to create the documents.


We have come to the important part of the Kajabi review. Kajabi offers three pricing plans for its users, depending on the features offered. We have listed the three plans below: -


Basic ($149 per month)

The Basic package is ideal for you if you have just started your business and are looking to grow your business online.

The Basic package offers the following: -

  • Add up to 3 products
  • Build up to 3 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited marketing emails
  • Up to 10000 contacts
  • Up to 1000 active members
  • 1 website
  • 1 Admin (User)
  • Access to Kajabi University
  • Ready to use templates
  • Chat support (NOT available 24/7)
  • Automation


Growth ($199 per month)

The Growth package is currently the most popular plan used by the members. If you already have a growing business and want to extend your online reach, this is the plan.

The Growth package offers the following features: -

  • Add up to 15 products
  • Build up to 15 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited marketing emails
  • Up to 25000 contacts
  • Up to 10000 active members
  • 1 website
  • 10 Admins (Users)
  • Access to Kajabi University
  • Ready to use templates
  • Chat support (Available 24/7)
  • Advanced automation
  • Ability to remove Kajabi branding on the pages
  • Access to an affiliate program


Pro ($399 per month)

The Pro plan includes everything that Kajabi has to offer. If you have an already-established business and want to expand your business online, this plan is ideal.

The Pro plan offers the following features: -

  • Add up to 100 products
  • Build up to 100 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Up to 2,000,000 marketing emails
  • Up to 100,000 contacts
  • Up to 20,000 active members
  • 3 websites
  • 25 Admins (Users)
  • Access to Kajabi University
  • Ready to use templates
  • Chat support (Available 24/7)
  • Advanced automation
  • Ability to remove Kajabi branding on the pages
  • Access to an affiliate program
  • Code editor
  • These are the prices you get if you apply for monthly subscriptions.
  • However, you get a hefty discount of 20% if you apply for annual billing.
  • The prices after annual billing, for each of the plans, are listed below: -
  • Basic: $119 per month 
  • Growth: $159 per month
  • Pro: $319 per month
  • You also get a 14 days free trial when you register, so you can test all the features yourself and decide whether Kajabi is the right platform for you.
  • If you want to get your subscription canceled within 30 days of your first payment, you can get a refund. You can downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime.
Now that we have listed the pricing plans of Kajabi review if you find any pricing plans intriguing, you can sign up to kajabi using the below given link.


Kajabi’s strongest feature is its online courses platform. So, let’s assume that you want to build and sell an online course. How do you start? That’s precisely what we discuss in this section of Kajabi review. So, read on!

  • To create a course, click on the New Product button in the top-right corner. Here, you can choose from 4 different kinds of products: -
  • Mini-course: A small course which is easy to complete and utilized to build brand value
    Online course: Bigger and longer courses
  • Evergreen training: It allows you to trickle content to increase engagement and discipline among your attendees.
  • Blank: Allows you to customize your product fully
  • Next, click on the Generate Online Course Product button. Kajabi will prompt you to type the name of the product.
  • After typing the name, you will see a pre-designed page. This is the part where you edit the page to your liking. You can drag the concept tabs around to change their arrangement.
  • The page will also have a few headings called Categories. These serve as organizational tools.

1) Uploading Content:

  • You will see an icon to upload a video or assessment.
  • You can upload multiple videos simultaneously, and the site will automatically convert them into posts that you can edit later.
  • It uses Wistia as its video host.
  • Kajabi also has a feature to send extra material to attendees who are not doing well on the assessments.
  • You can also make quizzes after each lesson. Just type the questions and options in the lesson editor. However, you cannot have question banks or randomize the questions.
  • But Kajabi does support MCQ and paragraph-style questions. It can immediately give out the results after each assessment.

2) Certificates

  • The site allows creators to give out certificates of completion.
  • However, these certificates cannot create natively. You will still have to use a third-party app to make the certificates.

3) Content Locking And Dripping:

  • You can release your content gradually rather than giving it out all at once. 
  • It is an excellent way to keep the student interested in returning to review the course matter.
  • Another feature, content locking, is helpful so that students are not overwhelmed by all the lessons.
  • This will make sure that the students know the basics before they move on.

Now that you have learnt how to get started in the Kajabi review, lets move on to the alternatives of Kajabi tool. And if you want to try Kajabi, you can click the below given button to get redirected to the main website of Kajabi.


In this Kajabi review, we have listed out the alternatives for Kajabi. So by comparing both, you will get a better idea about the Kajabi sales builder.

#1 Leadpages

One of the alternatives for Kajabi is Leadpages. Still, when we start to compare, we can see that Leadpages lose out steam as it acts as an inferior alternative to Kajabi due to various reasons.

Undoubtedly it has fantastic marketing but doesn’t give anything in return. There are free marketing courses, engaging podcasts, and several other resources that can be watched.

Leadpages has a Drag and Drop editor in ‘early access,’ This tool is still far behind its competitors like Kajabi. It functions like Lead links are secondary features wherein most of the features are much better off with other solutions.

Leadpages can be easily used, no matter what CMS is utilized. Leadpages support Joomla, WordPress, and Squarespace. Through Leadpages, the users get access to Leadboxes. The pop-up boxes work and result in conversions that are otherwise missed if Leadboxes are not there.

#2 GrooveFunnels

Groove Funnels Review

GrooveFunnels is one of the cheapest alternatives to Kajabi available. GrooveFunnels suite of software applications is used for building an entire sales funnels, membership sites, websites, and products selling sites.

Many GrooveFunnels applications presently are at the Beta stage, which also accounts for some bugs. The website keeps updating with new features on a test basis frequently, which accounts for the fact that it is cheap comparatively and gives a free forever plan to its users.

GrooveFunnels consists of various applications like:

  • GrooveMail: It is a Built-in email marketing and CRM system
  • WebinarGroove: This platform is used as a Webinar platform
  • GroupPages: It is a website, funnel and page builder
  • GrooveSell: This is primarily used for Special checkout and shopping cart system
  • GrooveMember: It is a membership site creation tool
  • GrooveAffiliate: Affiliate and sales platform with marketplace

#3 Getresponse

It is an email marketing app that allows the users to capture data and create a mailing list to create newsletters. These can be sent to the subscribers on the user’s mailing list to automate the subscribers’ emails using autoresponder’s view to analyze the statistics related to the email marketing campaigns like open rate, click-through, and forwards.

However, Getresponse has shifted all its emphasis considerably, and the product now aims to be an all-in-one marketing solution rather than its previous email marketing tool.

Getresponse provides webinar hosting, e-commerce features, automated sales funnels, landing pages, and email marketing.

It has recently introduced new features that aim to make it an ‘all in one’ marketing platform. Though its user base isn’t as big compared to Mailchimp, it is still large enough to provide the confidence of a company being well-established.


Is my WordPress website still required after Kajabi?

It’s your choice. Kajabi consists of all the tools used to build a complete website, including all the membership components. It offers all the features under one roof. Also, it is easy to rename a Kajabi site to become the user’s primary domain and URL. Most Kajabi customers have canceled their WordPress sites, and they don’t regret it.

Is an existing email system such as Mailchimp required after I start using Kajabi?

It’s up to you. Kajabi provides full integration with Mailchimp if the users want to keep their Mailchimp account intact. Still, most customers tend to drop their Mailchimp account or their Constant Contact accounts, and they import their newsletter database into Kajabi.

Kajabi’s email system can do broadcasts and automated sequences that get triggered at certain events only. Kajabi requires only the initial setup, and then it handles everything on its own, as it is very powerful.

Is there a limit on the no. of videos I can upload on Kajabi, and how does Kajabi handle videos ?

Users can only upload a video of size 2GB per video, but there is no limit on the number of videos the users want to upload. Kajabi stores all the videos and materials uploaded on it, and it also provides the Wistia player to play them.

What features are provided in the trial period given to users?

The trial period entitles the users 14 days of full access to all the features of Kajabi. Additionally, users also get support from Kajabi and Self Connection. Kajabi Team is always there to support the users and assist the users by answering all their queries without any extra charge.

What are the ways a user can get support when they have questions or problems?

Not necessarily. Kartra gives you several hosting options.

  • Users can go to Self-Connection mode that offers them support plans, and the support team will always be available to the users by text, email, or phone.
  • Kajabi comes with an online email and chats for support. And there is no extra money charged for anyone who has a Kajabi account, and the support is fast and outstanding.
  • Kajabi user’s community, which is spread across the world, is quite a large community that connects the users via Facebook groups and user forums. Users who face any issue can post their questions, and other users answer.

What about website hosting? Do I need to find a host?

No. All Kajabi plans include secure and unlimited hosting for all the digital content you post. Kajabi uses the best servers to ensure your site is reliable and fast. Amazon AWS servers store most of the Kajabi content, and Wistia stores video content - both are the most trusted services in the industry.

Are there any transaction fees charged by Kajabi?

No. Kajabi doesn’t add any cost for the transactions done through user’s sites.

Is it possible for a user to use their domain?

Users can use their domains, and if they decide to cancel an existing website, like WordPress site, then their field becomes the main domain.

There is no additional cost for renaming or hosting services. Kajabi also provides the users with a mykajabi.com address for admin purposes.

If my website has already been live, what happens when I change my domain?

Kajabi Subdomain and your connected Custom Domain can easily access the site even after it has been live. This allows your visitors to access the website with your original Kajabi Subdomain and connected Custom Domain.

Can any texting platform be integrated with Kajabi?

Although Kajabi doesn’t integrate directly with any texting application, Zapier can help users integrate with a text marketing platform of user’s choice with Kajabi.

Will the users be removed from the Mailchimp Lists if they terminate their subscription?

Whenever a user submits a form for opt-in to purchases an offer or your marketing emails, their information is sent to the designated MailChimp List.

After the information capture in MailChimp, users can manage their MailChimp List in such a way that it best fits their business. After cancellation of subscription by the members, users can manually unsubscribe them in Kajabi itself.


You have come to the conclusion part of Kajabi review and we have final few words for you.

If you’re building an online business, you need a platform to launch and grow. Overall, Kajabi is a compelling platform that includes everything you need to sell your products and services.

While the monthly fees might be a bit expensive, it is a steal compared to what you will have to pay if you have to use all those tools separately. 

We hope that our Kajabi review has explained you all the things you need to know about this platform.


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