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infusionsoft review summary

Infusionsoft Summary

If you were looking for a best marketing tool to boost up your online sales, then opt for Infusionsoft tool. But before you sign up, get all the facts about this tool in our Infusionsoft review. We have covered everything you need to know about Infusionsoft here.

Key Features

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Forms
  • Multimedia marketing management.
  • Built-in metadata and keyword fields
Overall Rating:


Easy to Use




There are already several software available to help you with digital marketing and automation. However, using most of these software's is profitable only when you have a moderately-large to a large business.

If your business is new and small and not very well established (yet), you might want to consider using some other easy funnel software, since using software like Click Funnels, Kartra or Groove Funnels is just not viable.

In this article, we talk about one such software for small businesses, called Infusionsoft. In our Infusionsoft review we have done an in-depth analysis about this tool, so check all the facts before you sign up for this tool.


what is infustionsoft

Infusionsoft is a software that helps small businesses with less than 25 employees automate their sales and marketing, without the need to employ more people. It is a fully integrated Contact Relationship Management System (CRM), marketing and commerce solution.

It links your contacts to the appropriate sales funnel, automatically giving the correct information to the right clients at the right time. It was mainly developed for companies that cannot afford to grow their staff and automate the sales and marketing tasks.

Infusionsoft helps you build a base of paying customers that will keep coming back. The seamless integrations help guide customers and give them what they need.

Most importantly, the features provided by Infusionsoft is worth the monthly costs and will save your money in the long run.

INFUSIONSOFT pricing and plans

In this Infusionsoft review, we have given the pricing plans in tables along with its features. So check out the pricing plans and find your ideal plan.

Keap Grow


$0 for first month

  • 500 contacts and 1 user
  • Client management (CRM)
  • Email marketing
  • Business phone line and text messaging
  • Appointments
  • Quotes, invoices, and payments

Secure Payment.


Keap Pro


$0 for first month

Expert talk $499

(one-time payment)

  • 500 contacts and 1 user
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Recurring payments
  • Landing page builder
  • Smart forms and reports

Secure Payment.



$0 for first month

Expert talk $999

(one-time payment)

  • 500 contacts and 1 user
  • Client management (CRM)
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Lead scoring and company records
  • Advanced reporting and eCommerce

Secure Payment.


In this section of Infusionsoft review, lets see how this Infusionsoft helps you get organised, save precious time and grow your sales. It enables you to map out each step of your sales and marketing strategies and automates repetitive tasks like campaign delivery, follow-ups, and reminders.

Here’s what you can do with Infusionsoft


  • Automate and streamline daily tasks
  • Attract leads with automated follow-up campaigns
  • Identify the most valuable leads
  • Give out the appropriate message at the right time
  • Segment mailing lists based on purchase history, sales cycle, clicks and email opens.

Marketing Automation

  • Customize emails, forms, and landing pages
  • Automate triggers for follow-ups
  • Build dynamic marketing campaigns with drag-and-drop function
  • Measure what works best for you with tracking and reporting

Sales Automation

  • Manage opportunity pipelines and sales cycles
  • Grow and distribute leads based on customizable factors
  • Create and share quotes that become orders with a single click
  • Automate billing and follow-ups


In this Infusionsoft review, let's talk about several unique features that make Infusionsoft an ideal choice for entrepreneurs: -

1) CRM

  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management includes maintaining all customer-related items such as contacts, companies, opportunities, referral partners, visitors, and Zapier Integrations.
  • In the CRM area on Infusionsoft, you can see your promoters, raving customers, or customers that need a little more attention.
  • It also houses all your client activities and communications in one place. The software will handle the follow-up, update your client records, and get you paid.
  • In CRM Reports, you can view reports on your Referral Partner's activities and sales metrics driven by your opportunities. With these reports, you will get a birds-eye view of how your business is performing.
  • Streamlining data allows users to access any data at any time and anywhere they want.
  • The CRM settings enable the configuration of tags, tag categories, lead scoring, and custom choices.
  • Also, CRM links all your business activities on a single platform. This will help you make quick business decisions using real-time data. For example, your finance team can access the data logged by your sales team to create a financial forecast based on real-time data.
  • You can connect your Gmail or Outlook inbox to Infusionsoft to update your contact records with every sent or received the email.
  • The software also responds promptly to incoming leads and existing contacts by sending highly personalized emails to drive action and sales: -
  • You can set an automatic process for sending messages to new leads
  • You can save time by choosing from pre-written emails
  • You also get to keep all client interaction history in one place and never ask your clients for the same information twice. This includes information like: -
  • Contact info like name, phone number, email, social media details, address(es), birthday.
  • Any shared files, documents, images, contract, proposals, folders.
  • History of all meetings, payments, quotes, conversations, emails, any logged notes.
  • Tags (for quick and easy categorization)
  • Follow-up tasks
  • Lead scoring is part of CRM and allows you to be more targeted with your leads and focuses only on your most engaged leads. You assign scores to all contacts with the lead scoring points system. You create your algorithm for what denotes a good lead. This can be based on behavior, interactions, and demographics.

2) Marketing Automation

The marketing automation feature sets Infusionsoft apart from its competition.

Campaign builder

  • The campaign builder is a simple drag-and-drop builder with which you can create entire customer journeys, life cycles, and complete marketing campaigns.
  • It also takes marketing automation to the next level using the "if this, then that" functionality.
  • It allows you to build behavioral journeys for your leads and customers, personalizing their experience only by their interactions.

Behavioral Triggers

  • Your campaigns can be triggered by manual actions (by you or your team) or your prospect or customer's behavior.
  • For example, attacks can be triggered by purchasing a product, signing up for a lead magnet, clicking links in emails, etc.
  • You can set your objective, and then build your desired sequence of events based on the action that has been taken.
  • You also have standard broadcasting functionality, which allows you to send newsletters and communications to larger groupings of contacts.
  • This way, you spend less time copying and pasting messages and meeting and serving your clients. The software sends intelligent emails based on proven algorithms.
  • You can create a sequence of email messages sent to the customer based on timed triggers or client actions.

Responsive Email Builder

  • The email builder comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of flexible, functional email templates for various opportunities.
  • You can subdivide your contact list by industry, interactions with your content, and more into any number of smaller lists to improve conversion.
  • You also get reports that track your emails' effectiveness and suggest ways to engage your audience better.
  • It comes with built-in A/B testing to maximize the efficiency of your mails.
    You also get auto spam checking to ensure deliverability.

Responsive Landing Pages

  • Infusionsoft has its own drag-and-drop landing page builder. It enables you to build beautiful landing pages without being a web-designing expert.
  • If you want to save time, you can use one of Infusionsoft's pre-designed templates.
  • The library also includes thousands of high-quality, royalty-free images that you can use to make your pages look attractive.
  • The loading speeds are also super-fast, and you can mask the page URL with your domain – which makes you look professional.

Cloud-based Performance

  • This simply means that you can log-in from any device anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can keep up with your business no matter where you are.

Performance Reporting

  • You can easily track how everything is performing with dashboards that can be customized for each user.
  • You also get in-depth statistics and reports for every part of the system.
  • You can visualize traffic, data, conversions, and more, and gain valuable insights that your data provides to make smart business decisions.
  • The software will comb through millions of data points and provide stats like: -
  • Conversions by sales stage, lead source, and other criteria
  • Form completion, open email rates, and click-throughs
  • Marketing and campaign performance
  • Contact action
  • Revenue sorted by different criteria
  • Activity history and sales generated by each representative on your team and much more.

HTTP posts and API

  • You can use http posts to communicate externally, as well as API goals to trigger actions within the campaign.



  • You can create and sell your products, services, and subscriptions within Infusionsoft.
  • You can categorize products and use the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart to enable your customers to add products to their basket and browse.
  • You can pick any one of the library templates and adapt color schemes to make it look exactly like your site.


  • Infusionsoft has its separate payments provider. If you are an Infusionsoft customer, you are also pre-approved with a quick 10-minute setup process.
  • It has transparent pricing with a low flat rate of 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction.
  • You won't be paying any kind of monthly fee, setup fee, batch fee, or hidden fees.
  • Funds are cleared within 48 hours, and you can decide how frequently you want the funds deposited into your account.
  • You can take payments manually via card details, or automatically with the shopping cart and order forms.
  • It even allows you to set up daily, weekly, or monthly payments based on your business needs.
  • However, if you don't like the Infusionsoft's payment provider, you can use the native integrations with PayPal, we pay and stripe.

Order Forms

  • Infusionsoft's order forms are sleek and mobile responsive and allow you to give a customer or prospect or client a particular product to purchase.
  • This layout is ideal for launches or specific purchase options where you don't want people to add additional items to their basket.
  • The layout is also perfect for exclusive offers, segmented product offerings, and businesses that don't have a storefront.

Promo Codes And Special Offers

  • You have the option to set up criteria based special offers.
  • The criteria can be the items in the cart, cart amount, promo code usage, etc.
  • This is perfect for addressing final purchase resistance.
  • If you are giving subscriptions, you can also provide free trials to maintain flexibility.

Post-purchase Automation

  • You have the option to set up criteria based special offers.
  • The criteria can be the items in the cart, cart amount, promo code usage, etc.
  • This is perfect for addressing final purchase resistance.
  • If you are giving subscriptions, you can also provide free trials to maintain flexibility.


  • Infusionsoft has some mobile-responsive invoices. You cannot edit them too much, but you can get customers to pay outstanding amounts without ever leaving the invoice. 
  • Invoices also update automatically to say whether they are exceptional or paid.
  • You can keep track of invoices to see which have been viewed, paid, or are past due.
  • You can also send friendly payment reminders to the client in case of late invoices or overdue payments.

Quotes And Orders

  • You can bundle orders and send people to unique order forms.
  • You can also create different orders from the contact record or opportunity record.
  • If your business uses quotes, this process can be automated by sending personalized quotes.
  • Follow-up can then be triggered based on how the quote is received.
  • If it has been opened, accepted, paid, or rejected, you can start or stop campaigns.
  • Quotes can also be paid online when they are approved (if you enable the option).
  • You can convert quotes into orders automatically at the click of a button.


  • This includes pipeline management and automation.
  • Accurate forecasting and proper management allow you to know how much money to expect every week or month and see what you and your team are selling the most.
  • The pipeline is entirely customizable, and comes within the campaign builder, allowing you all the functionality and automation.
  • You can automate workflow based on what stage the lead is in. You can also automatically assign leads based on specific criteria or ratios. You can automate task creation, reminders, appointments, and engagement.
  • This, combined with behavioral lead scoring, can get your sales team always working on the hottest leads and allows the software to nurture them.


Outlook and Gmail

  • Infusionsoft owns these two integrations.
  • They enable you to sync tasks and appointments between accounts and manage contacts without leaving your email. 
  • You can add a contact to a campaign without having to log-in. You can add a note to the contact record and even create a new sales opportunity.

WordPress plugin

  • This plugin allows you to link your Infusionsoft app to your WordPress site.
  • This allows easy-to-add tracking code on your website, creating pretty forms and pop-ups on WordPress that use your Infusionsoft forms.
  • With this, contacts are added to the right campaigns and specialized WordPress opt-in goals in campaigns.


  • Zapier allows you to integrate with thousands of other programs and tools.
  • These include social media, Google Sheets, project management, and lots more.


  • Memberium takes care of your membership sites.
  • It can plug into WordPress and control access to your membership site based on contact criteria in Infusionsoft.
  • It offers phenomenal customer support and allows you to use Learndash with Infusionsoft.


  • PlusThis is a software that allows you to enhance the behavioral capabilities of Infusionsoft massively.
  • You can do things like video triggers, Facebook retargeting and syncing, mobile marketing, webinar integrations, etc.

Appointment booking

  • Automated appointment booking allows you to create and update contacts.
  • Your clients pick an available time, and you simply have to send a link.
  • Once a time is booked, a confirmation email is sent and automatically updates your Outlook or Google Calendar.

So these are some of the best features listed down in our Infusionsoft review. It helps you to boost your online business.


In this section of Infusionsoft review, we are going to deal with pros and cons of this tool. Infusionsoft has several advantages that make it an essential tool for business marketing and automation: -

  • Excellent campaign builder: The drag-and-drop approach makes it incredibly easy to build campaigns that can interact with customers and leads in a personalized way. At the same time, you can focus on more important matters.
  • Universal tracking: The software allows you to keep track of all the actions and purchases of every single contact on a single platform.
  • Responsive email marketing: Infusionsoft allows you to connect marketing sequences to specific behaviors using the "If this, then that" functionality.
  • Customer support: Infusionsoft provides excellent customer support if you need help with anything. They can be contacted via call, live chat, and email.
  • Sales cycle management: Infusionsoft has a module called Opportunity Management that allows you to build specific stages to lead your customers to a sale. This forces you to create a clear pipeline path that your prospects follow.
  • Reports: You are provided detailed sales and marketing reports to easily make out which areas of your website are performing well, which aren't and several other statistics that can help you figure out how you can improve.


As is the case with any other software, there are certain drawbacks to using Infusionsoft

  • Expensive: Depending on the version of the software that you purchase, along with the add-ons, you would have to pay $200 - $300 per month. This pretty expensive compared to some other marketing automation software.
  • Strict email delivery: Infusionsoft is super-strict about email delivery. This may be a plus point, but if you are trying to send emails to cold email addresses (those you have not contacted within 4 months), Infusionsoft will automatically throttle your email broadcast.
  • Excessive features: The vast array of features might be intimidating if you are new to the software. However, there is a learning curve to this, and you can become more comfortable using the software after some time.
  • Additional fees: You might have to buy a handful of other services and add-ons for additional fees.

So now that we have seen the pros and cons in this infusionsoft review you can click the below given button if you want to try Infusionsoft.


Now in our Infusionsoft review we are going to talk about the pricing. The per month fee for Infusionsoft depends on the number of contacts you want to add and the number of users (if you need more than one user): 

BASE PRICE: You can get started with Infusionsoft for $199 per month. This gives you 1 user log-in and 2500 contacts.

ADDITIONAL CONTACTS: If you need more than 2500 contacts, you will have to pay additional fees. The additional fees for the number of additional contacts are listed: -

  • +1K contacts: $30 per month
  • +5K contacts: $130 per month
  • +10K contacts: $200 per month
  • +25K contacts: $300 per month
  • +50K contacts: $350 per month
  • +100K contacts: $500 per month
  • +150K contacts: $650 per month
  • +200K contacts: $800 per month

Bear in mind that is the additional fees that have to be paid along with the base price. For example, if you need to add 12K contacts in total, it means that along with the base of 2500 contacts, you will need 10K additional contacts. So, the total fees will be $199 + $200 = $399 per month.

  • ADDITIONAL USERS: The base price includes only 1 user, i.e., you get only one log-in for your account. Additional user licenses cost $30 per month per user.
  • PRICING FOR ONBOARDING: When you get started with Infusionsoft, you'll be partnered with an Infusionsoft expert to analyze your business needs and discuss how you'll want to use Infusionsoft for your business. Currently, the cost of this kickstart is $999.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: You might want to add some 3rd party plugins if you don't get the exact features and results with Infusionsoft. It has an open API, i.e., 3rd parties can build plugins and integrations to extend its functionality for your specific needs. These can cost you anywhere from $20 to $70 per month.

Now that you have seen the pricing and plans listed out in this Infusionsoft review, if you want to give a try then click the below given link.


Once you set up your account with Infusionsoft, you might be lost (especially if you are new to Infusionsoft). So now here in this Infusionsoft review we will discuss some key marketing steps to start generating measurable results.

Import your list 

  • When you import your list of contacts into Infusionsoft for the first time, you will also export your list from whatever system you were using before.
  • You would want to ensure that you capture lots of data from your old marketing tools and get them loaded into your Infusionsoft platform.
  • You can create a column in your spreadsheet for import/export and label it Tag. These new tags mark each contact based on what you know about them from your old marketing system.
  • Once you import into Infusionsoft, the tags will be created automatically for you.
    You can edit and update them later inside the Infusionsoft system itself.

Setting up your dashboard  

  • Your dashboard is going to be the first thing you see when you log-in to your account.
  • Every business has its unique stats that are critical to day-to-day operations and marketing tracking: -
  • Current Sales Stats
  • Historical Sales Stats
  • Current Refund Stats
  • Specific Product Sales Stats
  • New Leads Stats
  • New Unsubscribe Stats
  • Recent Activities
  • You can add all these stats and more to your dashboard.

Build your initial sequence campaign

  • The initial sequence campaign moves your new opt-ins and new contacts automatically through a series of content and then through an initial pitch or sales sequence. 
  • This will push them to make that first purchase in your business.
  • How you set this up will depend on what type of business you're running.

Build your follow-up campaign

  • Once prospects complete your initial sequence, you can put them through your follow-up campaigns. 
  • Follow Up will allow you to continue to engage with your contacts and move them down additional sales sequences to build Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Build at least one follow-up campaign that that reaches out to your customers once per month at the very least.
  • You can also create more sophisticated, separate follow-up campaigns that go out on a bi-weekly or even weekly basis for your most engaged contacts.

This was all about how to get started with Infusionsoft tool. So in this Infusionsoft review we have also given the guide to use this tool.


Well, now in this section of Infusionsoft review we have listed the alternatives for this tool. You can compare Infusionsoft tool and make a informed decision on choosing the best one.



Pipedrive has roots in direct sales. It is an excellent solution for managing any company's sales pipeline, and it was built for simplifying the procedures and complexities of the other CRM software. In this Infusionsoft review you might have noticed that Infusionsoft tool has some features similar to Pipedrive.

Some of the positives of Pipedrive are: -

  • Pipedrive has been built by keeping the users' needs and simplifying the usage, so it is easy to understand the visual platform.
  • Pipedrive also has a customizable platform and allows the software to suit all businesses hence making its reach further.
  • Pipedrive has a Lightweight interface which is built with hundreds of features.

Significant Features of Pipedrive are: -

  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Personalize web content
  • Web activity tracking
  • Create invoices
  • Bi-directional CRM syncing
  • Real-time sales alerts
  • Sales reports
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile app

Pipedrive also has hundreds of integrations to suit its users: -

  • Outlook integration
  • Leadformly integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Gmail integration
  • SugarCRM integration
  • Netsuite integration
  • Zapier integration



If any user wants to select a perfect platform for both beginner and professional internet marketing, ClickFunnels is the platform. ClickFunnels helps the users to edit landing and sales pages easily. There are numerous templates for both pages and funnels.

ClickFunnels allows the users to link all popular payment processors to the payment page directly. These procedures make it easy for users who have limited technical knowledge. It helps them to track conversion rates throughout the funnel easily.

As mentioned in this Infusionsoft review, this tool focuses on CRM, whereas ClickFunnels focuses more on sales funnels. While we compare Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft, it is found that ClickFunnels has lower pricing compared to Infusionsoft.

ClickFunnels has pre-built funnels, which makes it ideal for beginners and small business marketers. Some of the funnels provided by ClickFunnels include: -

  • Real Stuff Funnel: - This funnel is designed explicitly for the businesses that sell physical products using their website.
  • Fishbowl Funnel: This funnel is designed to the companies that deal with offline stuff, mainly mortar and brick companies who keep looking for generating local leads and an increase in foot traffic.
  • Webinar Funnel: This funnel is designed for the businesses that look to create a wider audience for informational and promotional webinars.
  • Product Launch Funnel: This is made for marketers who want to launch a new product in the market and want to share it with their target audience successfully.
  • Book Funnel: Useful for the authors looking to sell their eBooks and physical books to their target audience.
  • Network Marketing Bridge Funnel: It is designed by all the network marketers who want the users to generate new leads and expand their sales network.

ClickFunnels is ideal for a Cloud-based website marketing platform that allows businesses of all sizes in consulting, e-commerce, and other industries to generate leads and sales.

The various product features of ClickFunnels are listed: -

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Customizable Templates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Form Builder
  • Real-Time Editing
  • Responsive
  • SEO Management



Infusionsoft is known to be a bit clunky and confusing, where users often need to hire Infusionsoft experts and programmers to get their platforms running.

Infusionsoft's basic plans are expensive than Kartra with limited services based on the package chosen by the user. Additional features like membership sites and e-commerce cost extra as they require separate plugins.

Kartra can resolve complex integrations, and it can help users use a bunch of different tools together under one single platform.

Kartra keeps a check on emails, squeeze pages, landing pages, premium video, thank you pages, checkouts, and membership sites. Users save a lot of money by using Kartra due to their big feature-list that allows them to cancel those tools that aren't needed by them.

Kartra has a variety of tools that help the users to carry out different tasks efficiently. These tools are: -

  • Kartra Checkouts
  • Kartra Pages
  • Kartra Leads
  • Kartra Forms
  • Kartra Funnels and Campaigns
  • Kartra Mail
  • Kartra Memberships
  • Kartra Affiliate Management
  • Kartra Marketplace
  • Kartra Videos
  • Kartra Helpdesks
  • Kartra Calendars
  • Kartra Agency

When compared to the prices given in this Infusionsoft review, Kartra comes in 4 different pricing plans, which can be subscribed to show user's business growth. These plans are: -

  • Starter at $99/month
  • Silver at $199/month
  • Gold at $299/month
  • Platinum at $499/month


Is Infusionsoft correct for me?

Infusionsoft is brought to you by Keep, a powerful CRM tool that helps increase sales and marketing automation platform's reach, allowing the users to scale.

It is a good fit for the users looking for a marketing automation tool and robust sales to automate the business and marketing processes to bring efficiency for the sales team so that users can continue to grow.

Keep ensures that the incoming leads are turned into satisfied clients to manage the day-by-day tasks. It's better for the users if they look for an easy to use tool for easily getting organized for maintaining an excellent personal touch with clients.

Where can I find copies of my invoice?

You can access invoices by logging into the Customer Center by clicking on the Billing and account info link within the application. Then click on View/update your billing info link to access the Customer Centre.

Is Keap building new software features to help me comply with the GDPR?

Yes, Keap is releasing new features to help the users manage their compliance with several key points in the law. It includes a set of features that allows the users to achieve based on processing like consent management for the contacts and to make it easy to anonymize personal data, which means the users will have a right to be forgotten.

There is also a customizable blocklist feature to help ensure users and their customer security so that users can decide never to process their data. Their data can't be re-imported elsewhere.

These features will help the users to comply with all the fundamental obligations required under the GDPR.

How can I cancel my account?

Account cancellations are initiated verbally through a Keap representative. If they do not receive a cancellation request at least 10 days before your billing date, the cancellation will not be active until your next billing cycle. Emailed cancellation requests are not acceptable.

Can my billing dates be changed?

No, billing dates cannot be changed.

How much do additional campaign costs?

There are currently 55+ additional campaigns available, and they can cost from $49 to $199 depending on the complexity of the campaign and your membership level.


The final few words on our Infusionsoft review are Infusionsoft is very interesting and useful software to help small businesses automate their sales and marketing. It will help you capture more leads, create a perfect sales funnel, manage the entire sales process, save your time, and keep you organized.

It automates your email marketing and sales so that you can concentrate on more important things. You can keep track of your tasks and appointments, collect data about your customers' behavior, and prioritize your leads.

Granted, the software is expensive compared to other similar platforms, but it is definitely worth the money.

So this was all about the Infusionsoft review. Any questions floating in your mind right now? Comment them below.


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