GrooveVideo Review: Best Online Video Hosting Platform

If you have heard about Groove Funnels and all the features it offers, I bet you might have come across GrooveVideo. But still, most people are not aware of the wonders that GrooveVideo is capable of. 

While GrooveFunnels acts as a one-stop solution for digital marketing, where you can do email marketing, webinar hosting, membership sites, create funnels, websites, now you can also do video hosting.

Recording a video on your smartphone or video camera is pretty easy. But editing the video to get it in the right shape is hard. Also, the video editing work consumes a lot of time and energy and looks complicated for many people. 

But this is not the case if you use GrooveVideo. Because GrooveVideo is one of the easiest apps for video editing. 

So in this GrooveVideo review, I will discuss all the information you need to know about Groove Video. Without further adieu, let's move on to the article.

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What is GrooveVideo?

The word "video" that is associated with Groove itself tells you half of the story. Well, I will tell you the remaining.

GrooveVideo acts as a platform that allows you to host videos. Not only that, this tool provides you with the video analytics tools using which you can understand your video performances clearly.

You can either create new videos or upload your videos online on GrooveVideo and track it. So you don't need any third-party tool anymore.

One of the coolest features I noticed in this tool is, you can tag viewers based on behaviors.

For example: If a user is watching your video for some 3 minutes and then, for some reason, left without watching the complete video, then you can tag that particular user via GrooveVideo and send a follow-up.

Here sending a follow-up can be done using your email autoresponder, or you can even use Groovemail.

Aside from this, you can also use the GrooveVideo in your websites or funnels you have created. You can add videos on GrooveMember, Groove Pages or even example videos on your blogs via GrooveBlog.

GrooveVideo has the ability to create a one min video automatically just by referring through all video clips that you have selected from your device. You will find the proper part of the videos that need editing. Adding to this, GrooveVideo can also choose music for your video and pre-processed video frames will be added on proper beats of music automatically.

So GrooveVideo has the capability to do all these things automatically. All you have to do is select the videos and photos on your device, and you are done. The rest will be taken care of by GrooveVideo.

What will you find inside the GrooveVideo dashboard?

As you already know, you can access the GrooveVideo from the GrooveFunnels dashboard, and on the left side of the screen, you can see three different buttons.

They are

Home button: This home button allows you to see the various states of your videos. You can see the number of impressions, a number of seconds watched here.

Video button: This video button allows you to create new videos, and you can view them within the gallery view. Here you can edit videos, put them on display, call to action, etc. You can also delete videos if you don't need them, embed codes and handle integrations.

Analytics button: You can view all the stats of your video here using the analytics button. Here you can get information regarding the impressions, total time watched, and date of creation. You can also filter stats based on the specifications.

What are the supported file types of GrooveVideo?

As of now, GrooveVideo supports mp4, .web and .flv formats. GrooveVideo is looking forward to adding more formats in the future.

While a lot of people are aware of what mp4 is, the WebM format is supported by Google. It is not popular as this is a type of file that is mostly embedded inside the code so that the video is responsive and loads faster. .flv is a smaller file type that doesn't promise high resolution, but still, it can do a decent job.

Advantages of using GrooveVideo

So in this GrooveVideo review, I will discuss the number of advantages you get with GrooveVideo.


Quick and easy way to create a video clip

As mentioned already, you just have to select the video and the photos from your device, and GrooveVideo does the analysis and then gathers the highlights of the video and automatically will create a one-minute video for you.


Provides you with abundant editing options

You know that GrooveVideo can automatically create a video, and it gives you customizable options using which you can actually edit the video created. There are three different modes like landscape, square and portrait, and you can choose the aspect ratio for any of these three. Also, you can trim the video or extend its length from the list of options available.


Gives high-quality music sources

GrooveVideo also offers GrooveClips that provides high-quality music for free. But if you want to choose music from your music library, you can do that as well. You can choose the music manually and set the start point of it.


Auto music sync

If you are a video editor, you might be aware that perfect background music can entirely change the ambiance of the video. Here, GrooveVideo eases your work by analyzing the beats, tempo and BPM of the background video and adding perfect music for your video. This is possible because GrooveVideo chooses apt music and then calculates the number of beats and the length of its beat to match the video properly. Here, the auto music sync feature will provide you with a high-quality video that plays with music. 

What features do you get in free and paid versions?

Two versions of GrooveVideo

There are two versions of GrooveVideo; they are a free version and a paid version. There are slight differences between each. The main aim of GrooveDigital is to provide GrooveVideo for free with some restrictions so that when they plan to upgrade, they can get some advanced features.

So if you are a free user, you can

  • Connect your own hosting, which is Amazon S3
  • Can connect your own encoding account like
  • You are a free player to play your video, which is basically the software of GrooveVideo.
  • You can also tag/call to action.
  • There are no Ads. So you will find no other recommendations below your video.

For example: If you have uploaded a sales video and a similar video pops down below your video, chances are there for your user to quit your video and start watching the recommended one. So you will find no ads here.

So free users need to connect and bring over their own encoding accounts along with their own hosting accounts. 

If you are paid user, you get

Hosting, which is included with 100GB of space where you can upload approx. 33X2.5 hours long webinars. 

  • Encoding included is for free.
  • Bandwidth where you get 1500 plays of 15 minute HD video/month.
  • You are free to use the player to play your videos.
  • Tagging/Call to action
  • No ads.

What is the goal of GrooveVideo? 

The main goal of GrooveVideo is to make it your player for all your videos. You can take any source URL, copy it on GrooveVideo, and use it as a video player. When you paste the youtube video URL, you can perform the tagging and Call to actions things. So you get many advantages when you use GrooveVideo as a video player as well. 

How to make a video with GrooveVideo?

I have given the simple step-by-step guide to creating a GrooveVideo below.

  • Go to the GrooveVideo dashboard and click on the videos tab.
  • Now go to the videos tab and click on the button you find on the left-hand side of your dashboard.
  • Select the pink button which is present on the top-right corner of the screen. Once you click it, it will say a new video. Click on that.
  • You will see a screen prompt that tells you to insert a video name and the video description. Do it as said.
  • Once you have named your video, you need to upload a video to your dashboard directly. You can do this by clicking on the upload button and then browse your computer directly for uploading a video from your computer or directly drag the video file to the dashboard.
  • Once the selected video is loaded, you can click on the upload button.
  • This button will put your video that you have uploaded into the software for editing.
  • Once you have uploaded the video successfully, you can do your editing part or change the settings as you wish.


So this is all about GrooveVideo and its features. You will notice that I have added a simple guide on how to add a video on GrooveVideo for editing. Also, I have attached a sample video on how to do it. If you find this GrooveVideo review useful, then share it with your friends!


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