GrooveSell Review :- Best Free Shopping Cart & Affiliate Platform

A lot has improved in the sales-marketing field over the years. Using a sales funnel has become mandatory for business people to take their business to the next level.

Bringing a potential customer closer to the buying decision and convincing them to buy a product through a series of marketing actions is what a sales funnel does.

If you want to eliminate the hardship and frustration of scaling and monitoring your online business, then you must get Groovesell, a robust marketing tool to ease your work. This platform provides you all the required tools to sell digital and physical products online.

It's quite a normal thing for anyone looking for the best funnel builder to get confused on which one to choose. So in this GrooveSell review article, we will explain why it is optimal to choose Groovesell over any other sales funnel and have given a step-by-step guide on how to create a product funnel.

What is GrooveSell?

Being a business person, you need to handle different tools that help you grow your business and we know it's hectic.

But if you can find a tool that can help you monitor and boost sales, then why not opt for it? Yes, Groovesell comes as the best answer if you are looking for essential marketing tools all combined in one package that can shoot up the conversion rates(sales).

Mike Filsaime, co-founder of Groove Digital, created GrooveSell to sell both digital and physical products online.

GrooveSell is a powerful and robust digital sales platform that eases your work by promoting and taking payments for physical and digital products that get sold via this funnel.

It doesn't stop here; more than just making payments, this software allows you to create checkout pages that can convert the clicks into sales, thus gradually increasing your profits using up-sells, down-sells, and bumps.

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What GrooveSell does?

Now that you have read what a GrooveSell is let us explain its functionalities and what it allows you to do.

GrooveSell is an easy to use software that allows you to

  • Build unlimited product and sales funnels
  • Dynamic thank you pages
  • Create custom shopping cart forms
  • Access the Groove affiliate platform
  • Robust checkout options
  • Upsells, down sells, and order bumps.
  • Permits flexible pricing structures like one-time, installment, and recurring payments.
  • Allows you to integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and several payment gateways.
  • Send cart abandoned messages by integrating with GrooveMail or any email marketing platforms.

GrooveSell Pricing

Well, talking about the GrooveSell pricing in GrooveSell review, there are no particular pricing plans for GrooveSell. Once you sign-up for GrooveFunnels, you get to use all the tools inside it. So GrooveSell comes under GrooveFunnels.

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Now that being said let us discuss the pricing plans of Groove Funnels.

Currently, there are two plans available


Base plan

GrooveFunnels base plan is 100 percent free. YES, you read it right. The basic plan comes for free, and the best part is, this tool does not demand any credit card details to sign up; just enter your email id, and you are done.

The tools that come along with the GrooveFunnels base plan are

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages (lite version).
  • You get 20% commissions with the affiliate program.

So you can create 3 full websites, sell unlimited products, attract affiliates, and much more in a base plan.


Platinum monthly plan

You get to access everything that Groove Funnels offer in this plan. This platinum plan costs $299/month, so totally you need to pay $3500/year. So overall, you get the below-mentioned features with this plan

All features are included in the Gold plan.

  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveWebinars live, Automated, and Live Streaming.
  • 40% commission on the Affiliate program

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Platinum lifetime deal

There is another exclusive deal available for the users, which is the best deal so far. We aren't exaggerating; this platinum lifetime deal allows you to access everything GrooveFunnels offers for a lifetime. Yes, again, you read it right, Mike has come up with this limited time offer just to support the small businesses that have suffered a lot during this COVID19.

This offer is still on Live while this GrooveSell review article has been written. DO NOT miss this one time offer that costs you about $1397. Also, payment can be made in 4 different ways like

  • One-Time Payment of $1397
  • Four payments of $497/month
  • Six payments of $388/month
  • Twelve payments of $249/month

What do you get in a free account?

In this part of GrooveSell review, we shall discuss what you get in a free Groovesell account.

You will get three important things for free, they are

  • Free Sales Management Software
  • Free Affiliate Management Software
  • Free GroovePages Account

Free Sales Management Software

You get to access the full version of GrooveSell's sales platform, and this software allows you to create shopping carts, upsells, down sells, and order bumps, which helps you to sell your products and services on the digital platform.

Free Affiliate Program Software

Apart from accessing the full version of GrooveAffiliate software, you can create an affiliate program for your product and also add promotional tools. This feature helps in improving sales. So you can sell your products via an affiliate program.

Free GroovePages Account

Within this free account, you get GroovePages, a powerful drag and drop page, and funnel builder. In this free GroovePages account you can build professionally branded websites and your funnel pages together in one project.

GrooveSell Features

Now let's look at the features you will get to access in GrooveSell.

When you log in to GrooveSell, you will notice two dashboards, vendor dashboard, and affiliate dashboard. By default, you will be logged in as a vendor.

Vendor dashboard:

GrooveSell review - groovefunnels dashboard

The features that would be listed in here are

  • Product funnels
  • Tools
  • Reporting
  • Customers
  • Affiliates
  • Settings

You will notice that the GrooveSell software is in the Beta version. So some features are in the coming soon mode.

groovesell features

1. Product funnel

GrooveSell review -  product funnel

A product funnel is where you get to set up and configure your product pricing, upsells, down sells, and payment gateways.

When you start creating the funnel, you will be guided through 11 different steps and finally end up creating a product funnel. As mentioned earlier, GrooveSell has an easy to use integration, and creating a funnel is not rocket science. You can simply do it.

Note: You will also find a how-to guide on creating a funnel after the feature's topic.

In the below picture, you can find that we have created a product named Keto.


2. Tools

GrooveSell review

Under this tab, you will find the

  • Affiliate Portals And Tools: You will find the default promotional tools option given there. If you want to add new promotional assets like adding promotional tools to boost sales, you can click on the 'create new funnel promo tools.' 

    The best part is in Clickfunnels and Kartra, you can access the affiliate software only in the paid version, but here, you can get it for free with lifetime updates.

  • Coupons: You can create free coupons for your products
  • Tracking Links: You can track your affiliate links.
  • Page Tracking: The pages which you create can be tracked here.

3. Reporting

Under the reporting tab, you will find transactions and reports options.

  • Transactions: You will be able to find the sales transactions of your products, where the successful and failed transactions details, customer name, products purchased, the price at which the products purchased, etc gets displayed.

    At the top right corner, you will find a search box. Here you can filter the information, dates, and finally export your customer list in a CSV file.

    This is a notable feature because you can upload your customer list on ad platforms and portray them as audiences. This will help you to find more buyers, thus boosting your sales.

Reports dashboard looks like this and here you can collect the total sales report where you get the details like initial and new sales, revenue, commission, profit, refunds, etc.

4. Customers

Under the customer's tab, you can get the details about your buyers and their contact details. On the top left column, you can filter the customer's details based on all transactions, sales, initial payment, cancellation, rebill, refund, and free transaction and export the details in the CSV file.

When a potential customer decides to buy a product online and does the check-out process but drops out before completing the purchase is called Cart abandonment. You can fetch those details under the cart abandonment tab.

GrooveSell review

5. Affiliates

In the affiliates section, you can manage your affiliates and payouts, the affiliate performance, payment history etc. The point is you don't have to go for a separate tool to get the entire detail of the backend work. GrooveSell gives all the required details all in one tool.

6. Settings

As already mentioned when you are logged in as a vendor dashboard. In the settings, you can configure your vendor settings here. If you want to add new payment gateways, you can do it here.

GrooveSell review

GrooveSell Pros & Cons


  • GrooveSell software technology is robust
  • All in one marketing platform
  • Easy to use interface
  • Drag and drop visual website builder makes work simple
  • Customer support is good
  • It lets you create up to three times the sales for free
  • Its help and support is impressive
  • The flexible payment structures attract different users
  • Increase your sales using the Upsells, downsells, and order bumps.
  • The free Groove Pages with advanced technology is another plus.


  • Many features are still in the Beta version
  • Not all tools are accessible
  • Beginners can find it a bit daunting.

How to set up GrooveSell

To set up GrooveSell you need to create a product funnel first. Creating a product funnel includes a number of steps. So, in this GrooveSell review, we will provide you with the step by step instructions along with screenshots for better understanding.

Step 1: Create a product funnel

Enter the necessary details and click the create product funnel button.

groovesell review
Step 2: Info section

It will ask for the basic details about your product like the name and description of your product. If you are adding a funnel for a single product choose Frontend Product, if you want to add any additional offer, then choose Upsell/Downsell.

Step 3: Pricing

Here you can set up the pricing details for your product. They also provide 4 types of pricing. Select according to your needs and proceed. For instance if you have two or more offers for the same product, then add new pricing points to them.

GrooveSell review
Step 4: Payment Gateway

This is where you set up the payment gateway. The offer to integrate paypal, credit card, GroovePay, Stripe,, NMI, Braintree, and GrooveSell Payment (Coming soon). If you have a merchant account, you can also use it.

Step 5: Content 

It will ask you for your pricing page/sales page and thank you page url (these two pages details are mandatory). If you have any refund policy period and support info you can add then else leave as it is and proceed.

Step 6: Checkout Page

Here you can customize your Checkout page by deciding the required form fields, integrating with cart abandonments, adding your product tracking codes/scripts, legal policies/agreements, language, and quantities.

Step 7: Bumps

If you want to show any order bumps, pre or post-order bumps, you can add them here.

Step 8: Funnel structure

Configure Thank You Page or Upsell / Downsell pages for your sales funnel here. Remember step 2, based on the option you selected there, this section will get configured. It will ask for the Thank page URL or the Upsell/ Downsell page URL.

GrooveSell review
Step 9: Fulfillment

You can configure how the products will be fulfilled. As you can see they have provided you with options to add integration, webhooks, and files.

Step 10: Affiliates

This is up to you. If you provide an affiliate program then you can enable/disable it with the given options.

Step 11: Proof

It’s just the order confirmation content that will appear once you buy a product. You can customize and design it in the proof section. 

Step 12: Finish product funnel.

Once you have finished the funnel then will provide you still tracking link and proof widget codes that are needed to be embedded with your product pricing page.

Copy the code and paste it into the body section of your page. Pages >> Go to the particular page’s edit setting >> Code includes. Paste the copied code there and save it.

That's all about Product Funnel creation. I hope this step-by-step guide on funnel creation gave you clear idea on how to create product funnel. Next in this GrooveSell review, we shall now compare GrooveSell with its competitors.

GrooveSell Comparison

How GroovePages are different from other funnel builders

  • Clickfunnels
  • Kartra
  • Thrivecart

Well, it's understandable that after reading this GrooveSell review, you might look for alternatives or even compare the features before giving it a shot?

We have suggested a few best alternatives for you. 

Clickfunnels Vs. GrooveSell

GrooveFunnels is a sales funnels builder introduced by Mike Filsaime. Unlike Clickfunnels, Groovefunnels is more than just being a sales funnel, and it has a base plan that is available for free.

Currently, this funnel builder has the best offer where you can create a lifetime free account for GroovePages and Groovesell. Yes, you can get the Clickfunnels core features for free by just signing up. This is a big advantage.

Clickfunnels charges $297/month to use their affiliate management system, while with GrooveSell, you will get the complete affiliate management software for free.

Clickfunnels has a built-in shopping cart and checkout system, allowing you to sell your products online safely. In contrast, GrooveFunnels has free Groovesell software that comes with a fully loaded sales and affiliate management system that greatly boosts your sales.

Kartra Vs GrooveSell

Mike Filsaime, the founder of GrooveFunnels, was part of the team that created Kartra.

Though Kartra and GrooveFunnels have the same features, when you can actively compare both, we could notice that GroovePages is faster and more versatile than Kartra's page builder cutting edge Vue.js technology.

The most significant point on why to opt for GrooveFunnels from Katra is the price. Currently, GrooveFunnels is giving free lifetime accounts. Though this is a limited time offer, it would be a mistake if you miss this offer.

Even if you look over the lifetime deal, GrooveFunnells is still cost-efficient. You can compare the prices given in the above GrooveSell review.

Samcart Vs. GrooveFunnels

If you want to build a customized landing page, funnel, or website builder that can develop multiple device responsiveness and SEO friendly pages to quickly rank your website on Google and sell both your digital and physical product online, opt for GrooveFunnels.

You don't need a separate shopping cart like Samcart, Thrivecart to recruit or track your affiliates, GrooveSell(free) does the work more efficiently.

Even GrooveFunnels has compared their GrooveSell software with Samcart. It's not a new story that GrooveFunnels is cheaper than Samcart. Still, apart from that, you can find that it has many features like different payment gateways, converting potential customers to buyers, etc.


Does GrooveSell support Custom Domains?

Yes, GrooveSell supports custom domains. You can use your own domains and get started with affiliate links, track them, and get details about the signup pages, and checkout pages.

Why is GrooveSell Free? Are there any hidden fees?

Mike Filsaime, the founder, wanted to contribute something to the small business entrepreneurs whose business took a toss during the pandemic. So acknowledging the Covid situation, the tool is available for free. And there are no hidden charges done for accessing this free tool.

How easy is it to use and set up GrooveSell?

As mentioned earlier, the user interface is quite simple. You don't have to be a tech nerd or appoint someone to work with the software. You just need to do these four steps, like

  • Create a product in GrooveSell
  • Choose the payment options
  • Set up the affiliate program
  • Then finally, integrate it with your GroovePages funnel.
Does GrooveSell Come with Customer Support?

GrooveSell has excellent customer support. We had some queries while writing this GrooveSell review article and raised the query in the customer support and got replies within a few mins, and they were friendly as well. So if you have any problem while accessing the GrooveSells, then feel free to contact customer support.

How Can You Make Money with GrooveSell?

GrooveSells acts as a perfect medium to market your products. You can either sell other products or your own products via GrooveSells and get a chance to earn a good amount using the affiliate program.


A sales funnel greatly helps you to nurture leads into customers in a short period. That being said, we strongly recommend you to opt for GrooveFunnels, a more powerful marketing tool that can simply boost your conversion rates.

Overall, in this GrooveSell review article, we have discussed GrooveSell and the advantages of using it. We have talked about GrooveSell and its features and given a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a product funnel. Remember GrooveFunnels is still in beta version, which means they are yet to release their full version. We hope this GrooveSell review article sounds interesting. If you have any doubts while creating the funnel, feel free to comment below. We are there to assist you.


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