GroovePages Review – Best Website Builder?

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GroovePages Summary

GroovePages is one of the best Page Builder tool to build sales funnels. If you are looking forward to create high converting sales funnels, landing pages, opt-in page, Squeeze pages, then GroovePages comes handy for you. With the drag and drop feature you can create and edit unlimited funnels hassle-free. GroovePages also got several pre-built templates for various industries that can help you build your funnels in a matter of few minutes.

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Website Editor
  • Countdown Timers & Progress Bars
  • Pre-designed Templates
  • Upsell and Downsell pages
  • Unlimited Pages and Funnel Creation
Overall Rating:


Landing pages




GrooveFunnels is a one-stop solution that offers almost everything you need for building your online business. Right from hosting, website building, creating landers, SEO tools, Marketing Tools, Sales Funnels, Order fulfillment, Ecommerce store, Analytics reporting - GrooveFunnels got everything under one single dashboard. Checkout my Groovefunnels ultimate guide.

Where as GroovePages is a powerful page builder with tons of templates, elements, customizations and integrations. 

In this article, we are going to present you with a complete GroovePages Review. In recent times there has been a lot of buzz about this page building software in the Internet marketing world.

Here we're gonna walk you through all the features, pricing, elements, pros & cons, and pretty much everything about GroovePages.

So, without making much delay, let’s dive right into the GroovePages Review. Shall we?

Groovepages Review - Best Website Building Software

What is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a powerful software tool that allows you to create websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, upsell / downsell pages, thank you pages and much more. It is a revolutionary cutting edge drag and drop tool that suits all your Internet marketing requirements. 

With GroovePages you can not only create high-converting funnels and advanced landing pages, but also can create a complete site builder. The drag-and-drop feature of GroovePages comes handy for everyone and doesn’t require any coding / programming skills. You need not be a tech nerd to use this tool. Its advanced technology on integration and user-friendly interface simplifies your online marketing needs.

One thing which we admire the most is, whether you are a pro or just a beginner, GroovePages will definitely benefit you. Even a newbie can easily create a landing page with proper knowledge and instructions. Just make  a proper plan  of what you want to create.

Who should be using GroovePages?

If you are an online business owner or marketer, then it’s crucial to build a proper sales funnel to promote your products.

Apart from that, GroovePages benefits Bloggers, business owners, Business Agencies, Mentors, freelancers, and literally anyone who wants to create a website for your business with zero coding knowledge.

What Can you build with GroovePages?

GroovePages is a drag and drop page building software, also a website builder. Adding more to that,  it's a highly converting sales and marketing funnel builder. With GroovePages you can build various pages like

  • Landing Pages
  • Upsell and Downsell pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Opt-in Pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Squeeze pages

GroovePages Pricing

So how much does one need to pay to use GroovePages? Is it worth it to buy the Life Time Deal?

Well, first of all, we have to understand that GroovePages is a part of GrooveFunnels. So when you subscribe to GrooveFunnels, you will get access to all the tools under it. 

GrooveFunnels currently runs a Life Time Deal. It’s claimed that the pricing will increase several times after the Life Time Deal ends. If you ask me, I would definitely subscribe for the Life Time Deal.  Continue reading the GroovePages review, you will see it for yourself. 


Base Plan - GroovePages Lite

This plan is completely free and comes with limited features .

Here is what you get with the base plan:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages Lite version
  • 20% commission on the Affiliate program


Platinum Monthly Plan
Platinum Monthly Plan

Groovefunnels Platinum plan is not yet launched to the public. You will get access to everything that Groovefunnel offers and yet to offer.

This plan costs you $299/month which totals $3500+/year.

So it’s a sweet deal to grab the Lifetime Deal before it’s late.This plan is expected to launch by this year and it comes with:

  • Full Access to all GrooveFunnels tools
  • 40% commission on the Affiliate program


Platinum Lifetime Deal

This is yet one more way to get GroovePages and it is the best deal so far. See it for yourself,

Platinum Lifetime Deal

The Platinum lifetime plan gives you complete access to everything that GrooveFunnel offers. The beauty is, the access to everything is unlimited and for a lifetime.

The Platinum Lifetime is an OTO (One-Time-Offer) that costs about $1397. This plan offers you 4 payment options to choose from:

  • One-Time Payment of $1397
  • 4 payments of $497/month.
  • 6 payments of $388/month.
  • 12 payments of $249/month.

Important Note: This LifeTime deal is a One Time Offer only. This is a Limited offer so make sure you don't miss it.

GroovePages Features - A Detailed Walkthrough

With GroovePages you will now have a better page building platform that comes with tons of handy features. Similar to other page builders out there, GroovePages is quite easier to use. One of the best things about GroovePages is, all the editing can be done on the frontend with just a simple drag and drop. It doesn’t require a single line of coding.

Most of the Funnels and Page builders are created using the front-end framework known as Bootstrap, which is quite outdated. But seriously there are new and better alternative frameworks available now, which make it, even more, easier to create websites in a more efficient manner and with better results.

Instead of Bootstrap, GroovePages uses a progressive JavaScript framework called VUE.JS. This advanced framework allows you to do anything that HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT can do. Quite interesting, right!...

In this GroovePages review, we are going to see the summary of core GroovePages features and then elaborate on each one. Let's start with the features that you can expect to get from GroovePages.

  • Groovepages Website Builder.
  • Unlimited Pages and Funnels.
  • Unlimited Custom Domains.
  • Lifetime Free Hosting.
  • SEO Management.
  • Google Analytics and Tracking.
  • Pre-Designed Blocks.
  • Wireframes.
  • Device-based Customization.
  • Upsells and Downsells.

GroovePages Website Builder

We have to accept the fact that GroovePages is the only website builder on the market today that can create a professionally branded sales pages with a killer funnel setup.

In general, the Funnel and Page builder are all the rage with hefty pricing along with it. But they are pretty complex and their UI is kind of a hot mess. In case, if you are a beginner or an intermediate, then you might feel it difficult to use those platforms.

Most importantly these Funnels and Page builders do not allow you to create a website with full navigation, so in the end, you will be needing WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace. There has never been a platform that can do it all until now.

But now, with GroovePages, you will now have a platform that is,

  • User-Friendly Interface - Fun and Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Fast loading.
  • Seo Friendly.
  • Made for beginners (Never mind your coding skill).
  • Loaded with hundreds of pre-designed, high converting Blocks and Templates.
Groovepages Website Builder

This is an image of the site we created in GroovePages. As you can see every element ( logo, Text, image, bulletin, menu, button, and much more) on the page is customizable. For instance, in order to edit the text font, click on the text you want to edit, the text settings tab will appear on the right side, where you can make the all necessary changes you need.

Creating a page with GroovePage is a lot easier than you think. They offer,

  • Expertly designed Templates & Blocks.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Webinar Funnels.
  • Conversion Funnels.
  • Professionally Designed Websites.
  • With such features, you can create a better looking and higher-converting site Faster and Easier than ever before. To get a clear idea, we have included a landing page creation section in this GroovePages review. 

Unlimited Pages and Funnels

GroovePages grants you full access to create unlimited pages and unlimited funnels. This particular feature makes GroovePages stand out when compared to ClickFunnels and other Funnel builders. Another outstanding element about this feature is, they offer this feature for a lifetime without any extra charges.

Is GroovePages better than click funnels? In my opinion, I would say YES! It is way better than any other page and funnel builder. Not convinced yet! Let’s take a deep look into the GroovePages review.

Unlimited Pages and Funnels

Now, to create a new page, select the page tile present on the toolbar, then click the '+' symbol to create a new page. Once you create a new page, you can start customizing it. 

Unlimited Custom Domains

The Lifetime GroovePages account allows you to host unlimited custom domain. Once you have purchased your domain from the registrar you can point your domain to Groovepages by configuring the DNS in Cloudflare. Make sure you know how to point your domain to GroovePages.

Currently, Groove pages offer only two plans,

  • The Base Plan - GroovePages Lite Version.
  • The Lifetime Plan

The base plan is free to use, and it allows you to use only 3 custom domains. Whereas the Lifetime plan allows you to host unlimited custom domains.

Unlimited Custom Domains

They also provide options to create subdomains. If you are just starting with Groovepages, and don't have any custom domain, then you can proceed with creating the GroovePages subdomain.

Note: The advantage of using a custom domain is, you can choose your domain name. Another outstanding feature of the GroovePages lifetime plan is, it offers unlimited custom domains, whereas Clickfunnels offer only 9 domains. Impressive!

Lifetime Free Hosting

On seeing this topic, you might get questions like, does GroovePages offer free hosting? Does GrooveFunnels host your domain (custom domain)?... Well, the answer is Yes! 

Lifetime Free Hosting

Just like many other page builders, GrooveFunnels allows you to host your domain (it might be your custom domain or subdomain) on their servers.

But the most important feature of GrooveFunnels hosting is, it actually allows you to host up to 3 custom domains on its base/GroovePages Lite account. 

This means you get free hosting for 3 websites and that too for a lifetime. So now with GrooveFunnels, you won’t have to spend or pay a penny for hosting.

GroovePages is built on amazing technology that is intended to power websites, funnels, and landing pages. GroovePages is capable of hosting your sites using the Amazon servers, the best servers in the world.

It was intended to provide users with the load time and speed they expect.

At present pretty much no other Funnel and page builders or other software companies out there allow its users to get access to their tool, without paying any sort of fee. Even its competitors like Kartra, Squarespace, Builderall, Wix, and much more, don’t give access until you either sign up with a credit card, free trial, or if you are paying up front.

This means, Right now GrooveFunnels is the only Funnel Builder in the market that offers free hosting and free landing page builder (upto 3 sites). Nothing can come closer to this GrooveFunnel Offer right now. 

SEO Management

It is pretty cool to get natural organic traffic and nothing can beat it. What makes it great is, this traffic is targeted and comes from possible customers, not a bot. Even if you get paid traffic, you need to do search engine optimization to keep it around.

You can perform on-page SEO directly on GroovePages, like, 

  • Adding page title with your targeted Keyword.
  • Insert site name at the end of the post title, so that your website name will appear in the Google results.
  • Add Keyword in the post/page permalink.
  • Adding meta description.
  • Aligning with proper content structure.
  • Interlinks the posts. 

We have listed a few, but you can do more with the GroovePages.

Google Analytics and Tracking

With GroovePages, You can add Google Analytics, Google Tags, and as well as tracking code snippets on your page. All you need to do is copy the tracking code from Google Analytics.

Then follow these steps,

  • Go to Groove Pages.
  • There you can find the list of pages you created for your site.
Google Analytics and Tracking
  • Click the three dots on the home page tab or the page in which you want to add the code.
  • Select Edit settings. 
Google Analytics and Tracking
  • Scroll down, there you will find the code include section. Place the tracking code there.
  • After adding the code click the present at the right corner.

Pre-Designed Blocks

In this section, you can find pre-designed blocks for various sections of a site. Pre-designed blocks are nothing but pre-built containers where the element, images, and text are placed.

This section will be great for everyone especially for people who have no experience in designing. Even a non-designer can create a site or landing page easily with the help of these pre-designed block templates.

Here is a quick list of blocks available in GroovePages:

  • Alert Bars
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Checkout Form
  • Contacts
  • Content
  • Countdown Timers
  • Lead Magnets
  • Resources
  • Footers
  • Forms
  • Gallery
  • Headers
  • Headers / Nav Bars
  • Pricing
  • Progress Bars
  • Seasonal/Holidays
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Tiles
Pre-Designed Blocks

All you need to do is, click on the block section you want, drag, and drop the block on the editor page. Then you can edit the content as you wish.

For instance, consider creating a header section of the site, 

  • Click the block section present on the toolbar.
  • Then select Header.
Pre-Designed Blocks
  • Drag and drop the header section you want.
Pre-Designed Blocks
  • Now click on the text and edit it with the content you want. 

You can even change the font, color, background image, size, and much more. In this way, you can create a landing page using these blocks. The whole drag and drop block process will be very easy as well as help to save time and lets you do more with it.


Wireframe, yet another feature you will totally enjoy with GroovePages. It is similar to Pre-designed blocks, except for the fact that wireframes are simply the layout blocks to create pages and websites. You can understand that better from the image below.


Wireframes blocks are placeholders of elements, but they won’t show any image or color. It will help you to map out where the elements, images, buttons, content, menus, and even products to be placed.

Planning the site is important before you design them. It will help you to improve the overall feel and focus of your site.

This tool is perfect for designers and developers as it helps to create a great visualization framework for the design. This will help them to show their potential to the clients, before going into the project. No other page builder provides you with this feature.

Device-based Customization

The appearance of your website over various devices is an important factor to be taken into account. In that case, GroovePages offers to control your website appearance across 5 different devices(Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, and Mobile).

Select the device, then adjust and align the content. You can instantly update all designs across 5 devices by highlighting all devices in pink at once.

Or better yet, you can have control over the appearance of specific devices. Simply highlight that device icon alone then edit as per it.

Upsells or Downsells, Order Bumps

GroovePages allows its users to create their own upsell and downsell pages as per their needs. Once you have created the pages, you can sync the sales components on the GrooveSell.

There are also Upsell and Downsell templates available. If you are a beginner, make sure you choose from the template to get started.

Similarly, you can add order bumps too. But the order bumps are crucial, so make sure you configure them within the GrooveSell. Remember that you don’t have to create a product page to get an order bump.

GroovePages Elements

Elements are the fundamentals of any page builder. This section allows you to add many more elements to your page. If you are creating a page from scratch then you might have to take a look at these elements as you can do more with it.

The base of every section you create is a block, it may be either a pre-designed block or empty block. This means for every page you create, the block needs a container so that you can put elements in it.

Here is the quick list of GroovePages Elements,



Using this you can design the layout of your landing page.

Whether you need a single column or two, or card layout, or tab section, just drag and drop the element in the block container. You can then customize the size and color.



Text and List

Here will have the elements including the Heading hierarchy (H1, H2, H3,..), paragraph, Title and Paragraph, Icon + Heading, Block Quote.

Similarly in the List section, you can find different types of listing elements. Just drag and drop it as per your need.



Using this section you can insert images and videos to your pages. You can also embed youtube videos, carousel, and Wista videos too.




You can find it pre-designed in the block section, but if you want to create a form from scratch, then this section will be helpful for you.



Using this section you can embed checkout forms and add them to your customized checkout pages.

If you are not sure about how to do it, then check out the GrooveAcademy Library. Embedding Forms is a multi-step process, so make sure you get it correct.



This section has four elements, Google Maps, Countdown Timer, Progress Bars, and Code Embed.

Google Maps:

Now you can add maps to your pages. Just drag and drop the Google maps element to the page editor. Then click on the default map. the map setting tab will appear on the right side, then you can configure the map by entering the location you want.

Countdown Timer:

Countdown Timers are also an important factor to increase your conversion rate. It will persuade your customers to purchase your product. Embed the timer by dragging the countdown element to the editor page directly.

Countdown Timer

Then configure the timer settings. You can also configure a redirection after the timer ends.

Code Embed:

Another remarkable feature of GroovePages is its ability to embed codes. This feature allows you to insert code by dragging the code element on the page editor. It is even possible to add custom codes to your page. Just make sure you save your project once you finish it.

Email Integration

GroovePages offer email integrations and it is possible to integrate more than 10+ email marketing solutions with GroovePages. Integrating with your email service providers will get you a new automated workflow option. This means you will be able to import your funnel leads to your chosen email segment automatically.

To begin with, the integration, select the menu present at the top right corner. Then click "Add Integration" to get started. Choose the integration type and proceed further. Make sure that you enter your API key correctly to complete the process.

Email Integration

Groovepages Pros and Cons

PROS OF USING Groovepages:
  • A Subtle and well build, easy to use page builder with drag and drop features.
  • Free hosting and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Offers a huge library of premium templates and pre-designed blocks to create a complete website with full navigation.
  • Can create Unlimited custom domain (with paid plans).
  • Can create unlimited pages.reate and customize Upsells, Downsells, Order Bumps, and Pop-Ups
  • Provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Can create SEO friendly pages and websites.
  • Import funnels from other GrooveFunnel Members.
  • Rewarding Affiliate program with 20% - 40% commission.
  • Can create a free account by adding any credit card details.
  • Library with unlimited Royalty-free stock images.
  • Integrations with Groove Affiliates and Groovesells.
  • Even Though it is easy to use, the learning curve is necessary.
  • Still in beta version, which means there will be some minor bugs.
  • Having a limited no of email marketing integration options.

The tool hasn't launched its 100% yet. GrooveFunnels, the software itself, is on track and is expected to do many great things in the future.

How to Create Complete Website using GroovePages

After using GroovePages for some time, we personally find it easy to use, and it’s perfect for building websites, funnels, and sales pages. You need not be a tech wizard to use GroovePages. But the learning curve is quite necessary.

So here, in this GroovePages review, we will be helping you to create a small high converting website. we will provide you with step by step instruction with pictures to create the following pages.

  • Create Landing Page from Scratch.
  • Create Sales Page, and
  • Thank you page.

Steps to Create Landing Page

Step 1

Let’s proceed. First login to your GrooveFunnels dashboard and click the Apps section present on the toolbar. 

Step 2

Select GroovePages.

groovepages landing page
Step 3

Click on the New Site button present at the top right side of the page. Note that, you can also connect your domain with the GroovePages even after complete site design.

select new page
Step 4

Choose a template/black template to start creating your website. You can either choose any pre-designed page templates and edit the content, or you can start from scratch. Here we are going to design, so we select Blank plage. After selecting the template, click on Start building.

select start buiding
Step 5

Then it will ask you for the Site name. It's just the project name for your reference. So enter the name and click start building

enter site name
Step 6

As we mentioned earlier, the block with the container is the which can place the elements. So Select Blocks >> WireFrame >> Empty. Now choose the layout from it. If you want you can also choose from the Pre-designed blocks and edit the content.

select pre-designed block

As you can see I have created the header with a top navigation bar followed by a two-column layout. Now you can drag and drop the image and text elements into these containers. Once you add the necessary elements, the layout will look like,

Click on the element in the container, it will open the editing window for that particular element at your right site. You can edit and configure the content there. It's really simple when you try it, you will figure it out. Once you add the content, the header will look like this. 

landing page sample

In a similar way, we can create the other sections, let’s see how to do that.

Step 7

Next is a testimonial block. To create this you need to get an empty container layout with 4 columns. 

testimonial block

Then add the necessary image and text elements. Once you have and customize the images, text, the block will be like,

testimonial block 2

If you have noticed, we have changed the color of the background section. You can select the color your choice. You can even add an image as a background too.

Step 8

Next create a section that describes the product. Add CTA (Call to Action button) after the description. You can also use images with catchy taglines or slogans.

description of the product
Step 9

Adding statistics data or charts to your page, will increase user engagement. You can create pie charts or progress bar stats, as they intend to create a trust factor. These stats should actually represent the product's potential and real-time result.

statistics data
Step 10

Add FAQ Section. Frequently Asked Questions page is the place where the visitors find answers to all their questions. Not only does it make it easier for your website visitors, but it can also save your company time and resources. FAQs with links to related posts or content provide your users with a deeper experience of your site, and it also boosts your website’s internal link-building, which is an important search ranking factor.

add faq

You can even use a simple content box and list out the question. Here, I have used the collapse element, which on clicking will expand and reveal the content.

Step 11

 Finally you need to add the footer section. The site example we are using is a simple product website. So we have nothing much to add in the footer except some details.  But in general you can add some basic contact info, pages, and much more.

footer section

Go to the wireframe section and simply drag and drop the footer you need and edit the content. 

If you have followed the step we have provided, then you would have created a simple landing page by now.

Steps to Create Product Sale Page

Step 1

Creating a product offer page. Here I have created a product sale page with three offers.

product offer page

This is a simple pricing page with 3 different offers. All you need to do is, create 3 columns, then drag and drop the product details, offers, price and Get now button. 

Step 2

Create the product checkout page. Here we create the checkout page after the pricing offer. If you want you can create it on a separate page and add redirection links.

checkout page

If you feel it difficult to create a checkout page, then go with the pre-designed checkout page template and customize it as per your needs. 

Once you have configured the product details with GrooveSell, you can simply copy the checkout page link and page it on the billing details container.

Also checkout detailed review on GrooveSell from experts

Create Thank you page

A thank you page should at least include, Thank you text (for confirmation), A strong Call to action, or an email subscription. Here are some Thank you page ideas that will help you to increase your user engagement and conversions.

  • Thank you or your order is confirmed.
  • Provide clear instructions on how to proceed.
  • Restate the value of the original offer.
  • Add social sharing buttons.
  • Invite them to follow you on social media.
  • Ask to sign up for a subscription.
  • Adding calendar option.
  • Recommend additional articles or other resources.
  • Can add upsell or down-sell pages.

Here we will show you a simple Thank you text with an email subscription.

Step 1

Create a blank page, add an empty container.

Step 2

Add Thank you Text and email subscription.

Step 3

Change the background with any image or solid color.

Once you do this, the resulting page will look somewhat like this.

product thank you page

We have given you an outlay on how to create a website with GroovePages. This is a model to create a very basic product website. You could do a lot more with GroovePages. Explore more to know more.

How to connect your Custom Domain to GroovePages

It's quite simple to host your domain with GroovePages. You can connect your custom domain with GroovePages with the help of Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network, a group of servers distributed all around the world that provides fast delivery of content over the internet. Secondly, it offers Free SSL, which is one of the basic security options you need to be added when you create a website. So let proceed with the steps to connect your Domain with GroovePages.

Step 1

Go to, Sign up, and Create a free Cloudflare account.

Step 2

Add your domain name. It will take you to the DNS page.

Step 3

Delete all the DNS records available by default. You will be needing only three DNS records (2 CNAME records and 1MX record)

Step 4

Create two CNAME Records pointing to the NS: and Create an MX record pointing to @domain name.

Step 3

Once you are done with this, click continue. It will provide you with two masked Name servers. Copy and update them at the Domain registrar.

publish your template
  • Now you have pointed your domain to Groove pages.
  • Go to the site you have created on Groovepages or create a page.
  • Click on the publish button present at the top right of the page.
  • Enter your Domain name and hit publish.

That’s it, you have successfully launched your site.

GroovePages Alternatives

Read this GroovePages review completely? Still can't decide? If you are still not convinced that GroovePages is right for you... We understand that. GroovePages is certainly a powerful online tool in the market but may not suit everyone.

Need some help to find the best GroovePages alternative? We have got you covered. Here is the list of other great sales funnel builders to use: 

Each of these funnel builders offers a free trial for some time period. Get the Free trial, compare these products, and select as per your need.

If you are having a e-commerce website then check this GrooveKart detailed guide.


How will hosting and publishing work on GroovePages?

GroovePages offer free hosting with or Unlimited Custom domains. GroovePages hosts your domain on Google's Cloud platform, which means you will get even faster loading. Websites built on GroovePages will have a fast loading time because they’re loading in Html.

How websites are rendered on GroovePages?

All pages created on GroovePages are hosted in Google's Cloud Platform and will be rendered in HTML when publishing them. There won’t be calls to their database like most of the leading builders like Kartra or Clickfunnels. These builders need to call their database to load all elements which prevent your website from loading faster. It really slows the servers.

Does GroovePages & GrooveFunnels offer any Discount?

No. There is no discount for GrooveFunnels or GroovePages because GrooveSell is already free and when you create your account you’ll get a lite version of GroovePages as a bonus.

But they have offered a Lifetime deal for $1397, which will be available for a limited time period.

Will I be able to Import Funnels with GrooveFunnels?

Yes. You will be able to import funnels. While creating a page you can find options to use a blank slate or a template or even a set of funnel templates, adding Premium blocks or wireframes and of course, our exclusive technology will allow you to import ANY page on the web.

All you need to do is, just paste the URL and the GrooveFunnels software will embed it on the page.

You need to prove that you actually own the domain, then GroovePages will carry over the process of importing the exact funnel. It will import hyperlinks, color, buttons, and merely everything as it is. If you can’t prove the GroovePages will replace it with placeholder images.

Does GrooveFunnels offer to connect unlimited custom domains?

Yes! You can connect unlimited custom domains with GroovePAges and GrooveSells, only when you get upgraded to the Lifetime Deal. With the Free account, they allow you to connect only 3 custom domains.

Should I need to know any coding to use GroovePages?

No, You don't need to be a coding wizard to use GroovePages. But you will definitely need to walk through the learning curve if you are using GroovePages for the first time.


GroovePages is easy to use, and it’s the perfect tool for creating small high converting websites, funnels, and sales pages. GrooveFunnels is one of the best and most powerful online Page and Funnel builders you will find on market today. It’s pretty exciting to see what this software company will add in the future.  We  have pretty much covered every topic in this GroovePages review. After all, just think, when was the last time that you got to get a landing page builder for free.

We highly recommend two things for you:

  • Get your free GrooveFunnles account today.
  • Upgrade to the GroovePages Pro version.
  • Consider getting lifetime access (which is a Limited time offer, better get it soon!).

If you want a tool to promote affiliate programs, create leads, and sell products, promote upsell or download that fits all, then GrooveFunnels is undoubtedly the best kind of software you can get, and for an incredible value!


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