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GrooveMembers is yet another amazing part of the GrooveFunnels suite. In recent times, this Membership platform has gained popularity because of the numerous features they offer. As its name suggests, with GrooveMembers you can create, build and manage your membership websites.

GrooveMember ensures easy development of membership areas without paying a huge monthly fee. You can first start with free accounts, but you have to upgrade to the paid plans if you want to take advantage of the numerous other features it offers. With GrooveMember you can create and run a full-blown membership website with ease.

In this GrooveMember review, we will walk you through everything you need to know about GrooveMembers. 

What is GrooveMember?

GrooveMember is a membership platform that allows you to create, host, sell and manage online digital products, courses, and membership sites/subscriptions. The best thing about GrooveMember is, it helps you to grow your membership count on a professional scale without integrating any external tool. GrooveMember is a one-stop solution, where you can pretty much get whatever you need for your membership sites.

With GrooveMembers you can provide online training, password-protected courses, sell digital products, and recurrent content subscriptions.

Even with a free GrooveMember account you can create digital courses and subscriptions with various tiers and levels segmentations and drip out content as per your schedule.

Why you should choose GrooveMember?

GrooveMember offers a solid membership and CMS platform that allows the user to deliver quality and valuable content or information for your customers. This brilliant tool offers you all the flexible features to create and manage your membership sites. It allows you to create and customize membership access levels as per your preference.

GrooveMember is easy to use application with all the necessary features required to build a fully functional membership site and it also helps you to generate leads, members, subscriptions, and recurring customers.

Even with a free GrooveMember account you can create digital courses and subscriptions with various tiers and levels segmentations and drip out content as per your schedule.

The best part is, it integrates will all other apps that GrooveFunnels offer. This means you will never need any other third-party software to get things done on your end.

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GrooveMember Features

GrooveFunnels offer an inbuilt membership platform - GrooveMenber, that helps you to sell your digital product or membership subscriptions. In this GrooveMember review, we have listed some of the best features that GrooveMember offer, 


Drag and Drop

GrooveMember CMS software uses a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to create membership sites in no time. The interface is easy to use and doesn’t need any coding skills or designing ability. Anyone with proper basic knowledge will be able to create a membership site with this CMS Software.


Access Levels

This feature allows you to create multiple membership tiers access levels for different content or courses. Tired and paid access levels act as secure login portals creating a reliable user experience at each level of the membership. 


Delivery Options

There are plenty of options available to deliver your content. For an instant, you can deliver the content at once or dripped overtime schedules or even based on tags. Never mind what type of membership website you have, this tool allows you to deliver the content to all the members. All you need to do is, plan on you want to deliver the content. 


Modernized Designs

The whole point of creating a perfect professional look is to enhance the overall impression of your site. With this tool, you can either create and design your own membership site or you can use the pre-designed themes and templates that are available at GrooveMember. If you are a beginner, then we would suggest using the customized themes as they will help you to achieve a professional look for your membership site.


Unlimited Integrations

Now with GrooveMembers, you can design memberships for different sites and manage them all at once. You can create and manage products of different niches and you don't have to invest any additional fee.


Easy Embedding

You can directly embed videos from YouTube, GrooveFunnels, and Vimeo. You don't have to install or use any third-party application for embedding.

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GrooveMember Pros & Cons

  • Create Tiered and paid membership account on multiple levels.
  • Offer seamless integration with all other apps of GrooveFunnels Suite.
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop feature.
  • Deliver content to all your members immediately or dripped over time or unlocked based on tags.
  • Designed to integrate directly with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, hence you don’t need any other sales platform.
  • Tutorials and video lessons are provided on GrooveAcademy to study about GrooveMember platform.
  • Can create automation based on Customer’ behavior.
  • Hast certificaiton options.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited membership site without any ongoing fees.
  • Customize themes and templates that come with professional designs.
  • The platform is still in beta mode.
  • It is necessary to get along with the learning curve to study the tool.

How to Get Started with GrooveMembers

In this section of the GrooveMember review, we provide you the steps on how to create and set up Membership. The membership creation process includes seven steps. 

First, go to the GrooveMember dashboard. Click content, under that select Integration and then click New Integration. 

groovemember dashboard

Enter the name and subdomain and click create Integration.

groovemembers user creation

Step 1: Basic Details:

Enter the site description and sales page URL. If you have not created yet created a sales page, enter the home page URL and change it later. After entering the details click Save & Next.

groovemembers basic details

Step 2: Design:

This is the section where you have to decide if you want to create an Instructor profile or not. Here you can enter and edit the instructor profile. If you want to create an instructor profile, you need to customize the respective picture and biography.

groovemembers design option
groovemember details

Step 3: Builder:

Open the builder.

groovemember details

This is where you can build up your membership site. You can use elements to create the site. Just drag and drop then and edit the content. You can embed video, buttons, images, and much more. 

groovemember add new

Once you are done with creating the site, click save and exit. 

Step 4: Comment Setting:

Here you can customize the comment settings for your site. You can enable and disable comments for pages individually. You can also find the comment moderation option - which allows the user’s comments to display only when you have approved it. 

groovemembers comment setting

Step 5: Access Levels:

When your membership site has different tiers and levels, you can set up the control module. This is the section where you actually go in and create the access control for users. You can also control who gets access, when, and how they can access each module. Here you can decide whether to deliver the content instantly or drip-feed access or scheduled from a specific date.

groovemember access levels

Step 6: Welcome Mail:

This is more like email integration and automation. You can automate to send Welcome mail whenever a new member signs up. Each tier will have a unique URL, which will be sent to new members based on their access level.

groovemember welcome mail

Step 7: Finish:

Once you have done all the above steps correctly, at the final step it will provide URLs based on the access levels you have created. These are the URLs you will send to each new member which will get them to the registration page. 



GrooveMember is an amazing platform that helps you to create and manage a professional membership site. The best thing about GrooveMember is that it can be easily integrated with all other apps in GrooveFunnel Suite. This will be the ultimate tool you will ever need to create a membership site, promote products, courses, services, and more.

GrooveMember is still in beta mode and we have covered pretty much everything in this GrooveMember review. This platform will be perfect for all those who wish to generate leads. It will help you to acquire members and recurring sales. If you are looking for a one-stop solution that takes your business to a next level, GrooveMember got you covered. Moreover, it assists you to run membership affiliate programs to boost your sales. In short, it helps all digital marketers to set up and manage a full-blown membership website.


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