GrooveKart Review: Is it better than Shopify?

GrooveKart Review

What is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart, an e-commerce platform whose goal is the same as the other e-commerce platform to provide its subscribers with a fulfillment system for e-commerce / dropshipping since everything has been entirely thought out and designed to, on the one hand, create an online store and sell products there as easily and quickly as possible, and on the other, optimize your conversions as easy as possible.

Indeed, with Groovekart, we have the possibility of considerably increasing the customer's average shopping cart. From conversion funnel templates, reviews, and many other features - GrooveKart covers you with pretty much everything you will ever need in e-commerce marketing.

Of course, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. It's easy to drive a car… when you've learned. It's the same here. It's simple as long as you get along with the learning curve. I manage to understand the actions to be carried out simply by watching the


Why should you get GrooveKart?

Well, I can already see you coming to tell me that Groovekart is yet another e-commerce platform and that nothing beats a good old Shopify for families.

And you are not totally wrong. And therefore not totally right. Don't mess around either.

For your information, Groovekart was designed and developed by two e-commerce and web marketing watches: Mike Filsaime, founder of Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar, whom you must certainly know, and John Cornetta, e-merchant generating each year millions of euros through its online stores. With Groovekart, Miki and Johny really wanted to combine their experience to create an e-commerce platform that could seriously compete with Shopify.

GrooveKart, a platform that can allow everyone to sell products in e-commerce Fulfillment, Dropshipping Aliexpress, Print On Demand and private labels in a simpler, more advanced way and for a price much lower than what Shopify offers. They know it well that, in order to get into this ultra-saturated market, the only way is to offer an ultra-efficient solution at an ultra-competitive cost.

GrooveKart Pricing

1. Base Plan - GroovePages Lite:

 This plan is completely free and comes with limited features .

Here is what you get with the base plan:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages Lite version
  • 20% commission on the Affiliate program

2. Platinum Monthly Plan:

Platinum Monthly Plan

Groovefunnels Platinum plan is not yet launched to the public. You will get access to everything that Groovefunnel offers and yet to offer. This plan costs you $299/month which totals $3500+/year. So it’s a sweet deal to grab the Lifetime Deal before it’s late.This plan is expected to launch by this year and it comes with:

  • Full Access to all GrooveFunnels tools
  • 40% commission on the Affiliate program

Platinum Lifetime Deal:

This is yet one more way to get GroovePages and it is the best deal so far. See it for yourself, 

The Platinum lifetime plan gives you complete access to everything that GrooveFunnel offers. The beauty is, the access to everything is unlimited and for a lifetime. 

The Platinum Lifetime is an OTO (One-Time-Offer) that costs about $1397. This plan offers you 4 payment options to choose from:

  • One-Time Payment of $1397.
  • 5 payments of $497/month.

Important Note: This LifeTime deal is a One Time Offer only. This is a Limited offer so make sure you don't miss it.

GrooveKart Primary Features

Any type of online vendor looking for the best ecommerce platform should start by studying the key functions provided by each system. The programmers claim that the platform will definitely provide a lot of features that will help reduce the money as well as the time you invest in your marketing part. So what are the features to expect from GrooveKart? Let dive in.


Easy Navigation

Are you fed up with apps that guarantee a more user-friendly interface but most likely get you stacked halfway? Don't worry, GrooveKart got you covered. Unlike other platforms, GrooveKart is easy to use and navigate. Anyone can easily set up a store without the help of designers.


Click and Sell: No Coding Needed

GrooveKart offers an easy-to-use e-commerce platform. The developers claim that this platform is much easier to use, and anyone, including anyone with no technical skill, will use it without really feeling like they are missing anything.

GrooveKart does it all for you. It allows you to design, set up, and run an online business or e-commerce store in just a few minutes. All you need to do is set up how you want your product to be displayed, and the rest will be taken care of by the GrooveKart platform. 


Unlimited Upsells

Another great feature of GrooveKart is, it allows you to create unlimited upsells that you will need to improve your conversions. As a commoner, you might think that the upsells are annoying, but they can actually benefit the buyers a lot. You can earn a lot by leveraging upsells, especially when designing the upsell properly and providing value to buyers. With the GrooveKart paid plan, there is no additional charge associated with unlimited upselling.



The best thing about Groove is it comes as a suite with all the necessary things you will ever need to create an online marketing platform. You can complete all your combinations on the platform without downloading any app style. The programmers have actually integrated the support provider into this platform so that you can certainly have the ability to get help whenever you need it easily.


Improved Payment Methods

The majority of e-commerce platforms will charge you a fee for each transaction. But with GrooveKart - you will never share your profits with an individual. You will certainly be able to accept payments from any part of the world. GrooveKart support the following payment gateway, 

  • PayPal
  • Stripe


Coupons and Discounts

If you want to offer coupons and discounts, then with GrooveKart, you can sell your products at a discount and provide your customers with coupon codes for your store.

All you need to do is, provide the discount information, expiry date and with a few customer clicks, you will be all set. Indeed, giving coupons and discounts can increase your conversion rate significantly.


GrooveKart Studio: In-build Landing Page Builder

Another amazing feature that you will absolutely love about GrooveKart is the GrooveKart Workbench, The e-commerce landing page builder. It helps you create a personalized store. It provides product-type features and internet pages with many functions for a better World-Wide-Web site structure. This is a new feature of GrooveKart that helps you to create high conversion landing pages.

GrooveKart Studio offers two types of e-commerce faces to improve your sales and conversions. 

  • If you want to sell multiple products with different cates, you have to use GrooveKart's e-commerce store.
  • If you are promoting individual products category that requires direct marketing, you have to use a Storeless-Page.

This is where GrooveKart Studio comes in, and it allows you to create and design all your pages with rich features. In fact, no other e-commerce platform offers both Storefront and Storeless e-commerce faces like GrooveKart.

Additionally, it offers drag and drops functionality to enable faster webpage building in addition to a layer application that you can use to drag models onto your items. Another amazing thing about GrooveKart is, it comes with hundreds of pre-designed e-commerce templates for your online store. You can easily create Storeless eCommerce store pages, Bridge Pages, Upsell Pages, Downsell pages, Checkout Pages, Thank You Pages and more in no time. You will no more need to hire expensive developers. GrooveKart Studio got you covered and makes it easy, fast, and fun and most importantly, all these features are FREE.


Layer App

GrooveKart offers easy drag-n-drop patterns to any type of apparel you can think of. You can find such a feature on any other platform. And no other platform allows you to drag patterns onto apparel for 1 off printing easily. Now with GrooveKart, you get access to more than 100+ hot selling designs in the following niches: Men, women, kids, Bowling Shoes, Sneakers, Flip Flops, High tops, Tote bags, Women high Heels and much more.


In-Build Help Desk

When it comes to online stores, the Support team is one such important factor you should note. The support link you provide on your site will link to a built-in ticket system to manage and communicate with your customers right inside your CRM.this This helps you keep track of all the customer's conversations and updates.

When it comes to the Online business, the happier customers fewer will be the refunds. Most e-commerce platforms charge you extra for this.


Gk Ali-connect

GrooveKart directly connects to AliExpress, which allows you to browse any product on AliExpress without leaving your own site. You can choose from millions of high-quality products on AliExpress and add its image, details and description to your site with an automated drop-shipping feature in just a few clicks.

What Else You Get With GrooveKart?

  • 1-Click upsells: Which have actually proven to raise profits by as high as 35% at checkout.
  • Mobile responsive: Most of the advertising and marketing today is seen on mobile devices. So, it is highly recommended to create checkout pages that are simple yet highly convincing.
  • Fast loading time which results in higher conversion rates.
  • Order bumps: improves your sales by providing additional essential orders and alternatives for the buyers when they click on 'Add-to-Cart'. 
  • Social Proof: Displays recent purchases. For instance, a Quick notification displayed on the corner saying that Mike from New York just purchased this item 3 minutes ago. These features are pretty expensive and are not available on many other platforms. But they come standard with GrooveKart.
  • Google Cloud Platform: It operates on the Google Cloud platform; hence it takes advantage of Google's first-rate facilities and robust solutions to create, develop, operate, and even expand your service in today's competitive setting. Sites built on and Shopify or Squarespace may or may offer such fast operations.
  • Market Research: In-build order fulfillment and Robust Shipping Management.

GrooveKart Pros and Cons

Overall, we are pretty much impressed with Groovekart's simplicity and extraordinary features, especially the value of its e-commerce platform. 

  • Available at an impressive price when compared with all other competitors.
  • Powerful and high-quality inbuilt features and applications. 
  • Easy to use platform which doesn't demand any coding skill.
  • Advanced designing tools and pre-designed templates for landing pages, product creation and store design.
  • It's a cloud-based platform that doesn't require any downloads or installation processes.
  • Allows you to use the Freemium version for up to three stores, and the paid version offers unlimited store creations. 
  • No need for any third-party app integration.
  • Although it doesn't demand any coding skills, it is still important to get along with the learning curve. 
  • Relatively new platform with many features, but it's still in beta testing mode.

GrooveKart Training Course

The developers have released a more detailed course with training videos that you can find on our GrooveVideo expert guide. The videos course will have all the information you will ever need to create and develop your business online. The courses are free for everyone, so you will access the course without any additional charge, even if you have subscribed to the platform during the beta launch.

It was quite common that most of the e-commerce platforms provide basic training videos for the user. They help the users to learn and understand the tool. Therefore, if you are searching for a better way to promote your products and sell them online, then you should definitely try GrooveKart. The expert developed many other options in addition that will help you increase your conversion rate. 

Who Can Benefit From Groovekart?

Groovekart is actually created for everyone who is interested in running a business online. If you are planning to run an eCommerce store, then we highly recommend you consider using Groovekart. It does not demand any coding skills or technical skills to use it. In fact, they have created this platform, especially for beginners. As long as you are interested in online business, you can always go with Groovekart.

GrooveKart Alternatives

If you are still not convinced, you might take a look at these alternatives.

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • CommerceHQ
  • WP e-Commerce
  • Ecwid


What makes GrooveKart different from other e-commerce platforms?

GrooveKart offers you more possible ways to increase the conversion rate. They also offer many inbuilt features that no other e-commerce platform will give for free. Another best thing about GrooveKart is, it doesn't charge any transaction fees like Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms do. The software also comes with in-built three prints on-demand systems that help you add products instantly to your store.

Can I import my existing store from the Shopify store?

The best thing I love about GrooveKart is that they have a special feature to import your Shopify store to GrooveKart. The process of switching your Store from Shopify to Groovekart is remarkably easy. You just need to follow a few steps, and you will be finished importing in seconds. The import function requires a few clicks to use the results.

Can I use GrooveKart for mobile and desktop?

Yes, You can use GrooveKart on both. Nowadays, most people surf things using their smartphones. For this reason, GrooveKart made its checkout pages that are compatible with making sales of any type of technology.

How secure is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart takes security as its utmost priority and uses the latest standards for encryption. The developer claims that their encryption technology meets the standards of DCMA and GDPR, which makes them the safest platform to run your business. 

How many stores can I create?

With the freemium version, you can create three stores, and with the premium paid version, you can create unlimited stores. 


After being under development for over 2 years, GrooveKart is finally available now. The developers designed it better than any other e-commerce platform, easy to use, and a lot more inexpensive comparatively. Many features that come with GrooveKart require paid apps on other platforms such as reviews, sales funnels, urgency timers, inventory management, social proof, upsells, downsells, retargeting, bumps, analytics, and so much more.

There are many similar platforms available, but we have to accept that GrooveKart has outdone them all. The developers designed the GrooveKart with reliability, stability and top quality in mind. It will be one of the best options for users who want to start a store on a limited budget. 


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