GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: 40% Commission {$558 Per Sale}

They say that “A miss by an inch is a miss by a mile,” which means if you didn’t know every inch of something you are getting into, then probably expected results wouldn’t show up. 

Users are in quite a delusional place where they think Affiliate marketing is everybody’s cup of tea. 

However, it seems easy but not that much. Several layers in the Affiliate program need to be clarified to pool lots of cash flow from different sources. 

And for that, you need an absolute power-packed combo that offers you high-paying affiliate programs. Also, it must bring in a pretty good conversion. 

Lately, Mike Filsaime has collaborated with Groove Digital Company to launch a world-class power-packed

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Marketing platform

This powerful affiliate program can get a higher conversion rate via sturdy marketing software and grab the attention of newbies in the Digital Marketing field. 

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a high-paying affiliate program in 2021, and the best thing is the minimal competition. 

So if you are opting for GrooveFunnels as an Affiliate Marketing tool, then be ready for instant conversions. 

To know more, let’s dig into this groovefunnels affiliate program review.

What is GrooveFunnels? And How is it a boon to Online Businesses?

GrooveFunnels is the power-packed suite for online business tools specially coded and developed for Online Business owners at relatively affordable prices per feature. 

It’s a boon to Online Business owners as it is not only so easy to use, but it’s free also.

So when any member signs up for it, they immediately get access to various features that enable them to trade their products & services online. 

Some of the features of the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program are: 

  • Build Unlimited Products Website & Funnels
  • Build Full-Featured Websites
  • Connection of Custom Domains
  • Bandwidths & Hostings
  • Powerful Checkout Pages
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Payment Gateways 
  • 1-Click Upsells to sell products
  • Membership site creator
  • Powerful Popup Builder
  • Video Hosting
  • And Create Upsells, Downsells, and OrderBumps. 

GrooveFunnels is especially helpful for beginners who might have some or no technical knowledge.

With GrooveFunnels, anyone can build fully functional websites, blogs, and sales funnels in a professional look capable of accepting orders online.

To create High-Converting Landing pages, all you have to do is drag & drop, Copy-paste, and click & scroll.

This Affiliate Marketing tool aims to build the most economical, powerful, and easy-to-use all-in-one combo that anybody can rely on to create, grow and manage their online business on one platform only.

With GrooveFunnels, you get every single thing that you need to level up your business without subscribing to multiple software services for every errand. 

Reasons to join the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program:

Groovefunnels affiliate program

After knowing all about its features, you are still looking for a reason to get it. Let me share that also with you: 

Fruitful 2-Tier Commission.

GrooveFunnels is the highest-paying affiliate program of 2021. If you are a PRO GrooveFunnels Member, it pays you a remuneration of 40% One Tier Commission and a 10% Two Tier Commission.

It gives a Chance to Earn from several people.

Suppose you have a PRO Membership of GrooveFunnels Affiliate System.

In that case, you should know that it works on the 2nd Tier, which means that if you referred to the first person, and then they referred to another person, you’ll get 10% 2nd Tier, and if you are a FREE Member, then you’ll receive 5% 2nd Tier on it. 

Highest Conversion Rate.

As per the Creator & CEO of GrooveDigital Company, Mike Filsaime, 1 out of 5 people who click on your link instantly becomes a GrooveFunnels Member. It’s that easy.

Conversion of Free Products is Simple.

People love free stuff. GrooveFunnels is offering FREE Lifetime access to GrooveSell & GroovePages Lite to all members who sign up.

There is a high possibility that people click on your link to sign up for these two products.

And that’s where the GrooveFunnels Affiliate system connects with you for life that means whenever and wherever they upgrade it, nothing changes.

Get Paid every week.

Every week GrooveFunnels pays for your 2nd Tier affiliate commissions.

So it would help if you started promoting GrooveFunnels to acquire as many members as possible under your name. Whenever they are going to upgrade, you will receive a commission.

How to become a GrooveFunnels Affiliate Partner?

For becoming a GrooveFunnels Affiliate Partner, you don’t need any website or approval application. All you must have is a FREE or PRO GrooveFunnels account.

With the FREE Account, you will receive a 20% commission on every customer that you refer GrooveFunnels to, but with PRO, you can earn up to 40% commission on each customer.

When you sign up with GrooveFunnels, you can find a specially created dashboard that provides you with in-depth insights into the number of clicks you get on your affiliate links, signups, impressions, sales & revenues. 

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Payout Rate & how this program works

If you are a member of the Free Plan of GrooveFunnels, the company offers you a 20% payout rate whenever your leads sign up for Lifetime Membership.

Currently, The two GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans are there that you can recommend to your leads: The FREE Plan and the Platinum Lifetime Plan.

That’s why to receive a commission, you must upgrade to the Platinum Lifetime plan.

With Platinum Lifetime Plan, users access all Groove’s Tools for a lifetime for just $1,397 as a one-time payment. You can earn $279.40, like 20% of $1,397, when your lead signs up for this deal.

Instead of sending payments every month, GrooveFunnels payout every week. It is a scarce and most acknowledged feature for an affiliate cash flow. 

How to Earn 40% Commission with GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is quite exciting and lucrative.

If you are signing up for a Platinum Lifetime Membership, you automatically double your commission compared to the free membership.

Your commission is raised to 40% ($558.80), instead of 20% ($279.40) for direct sign-ups.

Along with the Lifetime plan, you also get to access an additional multi-tier commission of about 10% on sales made by your affiliate.

Let’s understand it in detail: 

GrooveFunnels Membership Type: Payout Percentage

For Free Members

  • Get 20% of commission when your affiliate upgrades their plan to a paid membership.

Lifetime Paid Member

  • Get 40% of commission after your affiliate upgrades to a Paid membership plan and for the efforts put by you

2-Tier Payout

Whenever your affiliate makes a sale, you receive 10% of the commission.

The perks of being a paid member as an affiliate double your earnings for the same job.

The Platinum Lifetime Plan Membership is available for a limited time at just $1397. This plan enables you to access all the Groove Tool for the rest.

One more good news is that you have two options to pay $1397 as there is an installment payment option available for your convenience. They are:

  • One Time Payment: $1397
  • 5 Monthly Installment: $497/month.

2-Tier or Multi-Tier Commission with GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan

The Multi-Tier or 2-Tier Commission by GrooveFunnels allows you to earn more commission on the sales made by your affiliates to whom you have referred to GrooveFunnels.

You are eligible for this option if you have signed up for the Lifetime Plan. Under 2-Tier GrooveFunnels Payout, you get a 10% commission for every single sale made by your affiliate. Let’s narrate an instance for the same.

You referred GrooveFunnels to two people A & B and signed up for a free account via your affiliate link. Now, their affiliate links are tagged with your link forever.

Now, let’s say, A upgrades to PRO Membership of GrooveFunnels after some time, so for that, you’ll receive a 20% commission on his payment.

And B, he commenced his affiliate business, and P & R signed up with his affiliate link.

Now, with P & R, you will be having a grandchild-grandparent relationship as they automatically get linked to your affiliate link.

If R upgrades to PRO Membership, then you’ll be getting a 10% payout from his upgrade payment.

This Multi-Tier Commission Payout structure is one of the sources to improve your revenue-generating possibility. Now build your network of affiliates and get paid with their upgrade.

What is Groove Affiliate Assist?

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Marketing Program also offers one more exciting feature known as Groove Affiliate Assist.

The highlight of this feature is that it enables you to Earn as soon as your affiliates sign up for the PRO membership account, even when you haven’t upgraded it.

Let’s take an example for it:

A signs app has your affiliate link, and by that, it will tag them with your link forever. If someone upgrades to the PRO plan, you will be getting paid a 20% payout, or with the lifetime, the planet can go to 40%.

What if someone upgrades because of the promo efforts made by the GrooveFunnels?

Don’t worry. This person will be your affiliate, and you will be getting the full commission for their upgrade.

what will happen in the situation when someone upgrades because of the promo efforts made by another affiliate marketer?

He is still your affiliate as you are responsible for A to sign up for GrooveFunnels, and that’s why you will receive a 10% commission. The remaining 10% will go to the person by whom A upgraded to the paid membership plan.

We can see that this program is advantageous for every person who is putting in their efforts. This program will pay you for it—lastly, making it a Win-Win situation for everybody involved with it GrooveFunnels.

Support offered by GrooveFunnels to Affiliates to make Sales.

GrooveFunnels supports you in every possible way to increase our sales by offering you the right tools at the first stage only.

Here is the list of the support that you get with the affiliate program of GrooveFunnels: 

  • Blog Reviews.
  • Pre-made High Converting email swipes.
  • Well-designed and Attractive Banners.
  • Thank You Pages: For users who subscribe to your Newsletter or Buy your products. 
  • Social Media Posts & Facebook Ads.
  • You can log out Ads to imprint your impression on the user’s mind so that they will return to your page. 
  • GrooveFunnels offers GrooveSell in the form of an unadvertised bonus. With this, they will get GrooveSell for free when they sign up.
  • Email Signature for greater visibility of your products.
  • You make video Reviews, Pre-made articles, and Press Releases. So with this, you need to copy-paste what they are posting on social media, and it automatically fills in your affiliate link. 
  • Behavior: Allows you to set whether this particular pop-up should only be shown on the first visit or every visit
  • Delay: Allows you to specify a delay in presenting the pop-up to the visitor in seconds

This promotional support is supportive when you are starting your online business. You can use it for a long time, or you have the option to build your original content for broader reach and variable availability.

And in case you are sticking to the support offered by GrooveFunnels, it will be pretty good enough to earn you lots of commissions.

Fundamental Rules & Condition for GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Here are some Key Rules & conditions of the GrooveFunnels Affiliated Program:

  • Never offer Cash rebates to affiliates who are buying from your affiliate link.
  • No spam emails must be there & never use any unsafe lists.
  • You cannot buy from your affiliate link.
  • You cannot use forbidden words like “Scam” in your campaign.
  • All Fraudulent Credit Cards, cookie stuffing, negative marketing on social media, and misrepresenting offers are prohibited. 
  • Your SEO Website must contain genuine reviews, not the made-ups. 
  • You can never swipe or repurpose undesignated content as promotional material. 

Apart from these, if you try to game the system, they will cancel your account immediately, and the prospective commissions are void.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: Final Review

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is undoubtedly the first and best high-paying affiliate program, which anyone can use relatively easily. Also, it helps its users in generating a pretty handsome amount of revenue.

This program is free of cost and contains various resourceful tools for Online Business Owners and Digital Marketers to own a successful business platform or campaign.

And because of this, the probability of people signing up for this program is very high.

Additionally, GrooveFunnels offers support by providing tonnes of promotional material to have a kick start.

But the biggest reason that people get attracted to this affiliate marketing platform is the Better Conversion rate and High Payout.

Nobody has thought of earning around 40% commission on straight-forward upgrades and 10% via numerous multi-tier systems.

The next enticing part that we mention is there are no entry barriers. You can join with a free account, build up as many connections as you can, and earn a commission whenever they upgrade.


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