How To Create A Membership Portal In GrooveMember

GrooveMember is an online membership site and a course creation portal that is available free of cost.

It is one of the features offered by Groove’s that allows you to build websites, sales funnels, landing pages, do email marketing, host videos for various courses and memberships, and much more.

This feature provides you with the flexibility of customizing the layout of your personalized lessons.

If you are willing to create a free online course that allows you to give away the best-looking content, all you have to do is share the username and password to your members and voila.

Unlike the other websites, GrooveMember does not charge you thousands of pounds; it will do this free right away. But still, GrooveMember is currently working in beta.

How To Create A Membership Portal In GrooveMember

Now the question is how you can create a personalized membership portal on the GrooveMember platform.

Just follow this step by step guide, and you won’t face any issue in creating a perfect portal for your viewers:

Creating A New Membership Site

  • First, you have to log in to GrooveFunnels and click on “Manage Memberships.”
  • Next, on the left panel, click on “Content” and select “Memberships.” 

  • For creating your membership, go to the top right of the page and select “New Membership.” 

  • You will see a pop-up appearing on the screen, where you have to give your membership a name. 

  • Let’s call this one “GrooveFunnels Quick Start Course.” 

  • Now for the subdomain, use this name to generate a subdomain on to keep it unique. 

  • If someone already has taken the same name, it won’t be available for you, and then you have to pick up another name, i.e. =

  • Let’s give it the name “Gfrockstars” and click on create a membership. 

It will preload the membership wizard and take you to the proper seven steps to create and set up your membership rightly:

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Step 1: Basic Information On Membership

  • Under the Name and Description, you will find a preloaded name & description. 
  • Next, under Sales Page, you can take any page you want, and it’s not compulsory to be on GroovePages. (In our recommendation, build your Sales pages on GroovePages, so in case whenever they’re running out of beta, you will get better reporting).

  • And for your sales page URL, it should be with an “HTTPS” in front; else, you won’t be able to proceed.

  • Click on “Save & Next.” 

Step 2: Design

  • Now, Under Instructor, you need to create an instructor by clicking on “Create New Instructor.” 
  • For the Instructor Name, let’s put in “Jane.” 

  • And for the Instructor Description, write, “Jane has been launching digital marketing campaigns….”


Instructor description cannot exceed the limit of more than 80 characters.

  • Under the Instructor Image, select an image from your library, or you can also upload a photo, then click on “Select.”
  • Click on “Create” once you fill out all the information.

  • Now, under the Customize Tab, upload a logo by clicking on “Choose Image” and then select or upload an image of your choice for your logo. 

  • To upload the featured image, like a photo from your media library again.

  • Under there, you will see “Show Progress Bar,” toggle it left to right to show the progress. 

  • And click on “Save & next.” 

Step 3: The Builder

  • A builder is a place where users can design the layout and add content to the members’ areas for the viewers. 
  • Click on the option named “Click Here To Open Builder.”

  • The logo appears outside of the header, so we recommend you test the size of your logo.

  • For instance, if you have got 8 8 60 pixels in height, you might want to make it smaller.

  • You can see the “+” and the “Outline” buttons on the left sidebar.

  • The “+” button is to drag in text, headings, and video code embedding links; it also allows you to customize each lesson in the membership layout. 

  • The home tab is defaulted for you automatically and will always be there. 

  • Now, if you wish to build the outline of your course, then click on the plus button in the category name tab.

  • Consider a category as a module and enter its name in the first module. 


We suggest creating a course outline before you build your membership site to save some time.

  • Highlight the title from your outline and then copy-paste it in the name of GrooveMember.
  • Now Click on “Add category.”

  • Nine clicks on the three dots beside the outline name to rename it and clone the lessons.

  • Click on the three dots beside the outline name to rename and clone lessons. 

  • You can also find your subcategory already loaded under the category option.

  • So Category = Module.

  • Subcategories= Lesson. 


We suggest you create your category in the first place and add only one lesson because you might need to format the lessons first while building your membership site.

That way, you can also clone the lesson with a particular layout, and you don’t have to go back and format every class with this layout.

  • Repeat this process to build your courses and modules.
  • On the left panel, click on the “Add” to drag the text element and make it pop on the Canvas. 

  • Now highlight the text and later paste it in the description of the lesson. 

  • Next, go back to “Add” again to drag in the “Code Embed” element. We did this because we needed to embed the GrooveVideo code.

  • Go back to the outline to copy the source code of the video on GrooveVideo.

  • Next, click on the code embed element and then press the cogwheel icon. 

  • Now, Paste in the code and click on “Save.” It will then upload your video on the builder. 

  • If you wish to customize the text format, click on the text and the right side, you can make all the customization like spacing, font, etc., similar to on GroovePages. 

  • Head back to “Add” to drag a button and make it pop right underneath the video. 

  • Now, Click on the video to add margin so it won’t be too close to the button.

  • Click on the “Download Cheat Sheet” to configure that on the right panel, link it to a pdf download, and press “Update.” 

  • Press on “Save and Exit” to save the lesson format once you got the basic layout of your lesson.

  • Now click on “Back” and select the “Open The Builder Again.” 

  • Go back to “Outline,” select the first lesson you’ve created, click on the three dots to clone it, and rename it as lesson two.

  • Head back to your outline to copy the lesson’s description and the video code embed and paste it on the GrooveMember. 

  • Now, repeat the same process until you create your whole course outline on the platform.

  • Now, click on the “Outline” on the left side to select a lesson you want to add or format in elements.

  • Once it’s over with the formatting of your course, click “Save & Exit” on the top. 

Step 4: Comments

  • To enable comments for each lesson, you need to go to “Enable Comments” and toggle it to the right and disable it to the left. 
  • The “Comment Moderation” will default to “Auto-approve all comments,” or you have the option to select the “Comments must be approved by an admin.” 

  • Lastly, click on “Save & Next.” 

Step 5: Access Levels

  • Let’s consider you have all the plans which are Gold, Silver and Platinum. 
  • Under “Membership Access” and in level 1, now click on the pencil icon and rename it as “Silver,” and press “Save.”

  • Now on the right, click on the “+” button to add and rename the second level as “Gold.” Save it also.

  • Repeat the process for the third level, i.e. “Platinum Plan.”

  • Now when you have all three levels, you can decide which lesson you want to give access to based on the level the person is viewing by just toggling it to the right.

  • For instance, for level one, you only want to give access to the three lessons only.

  • Then to view the whole course, they have to get the platinum plan of your system. 

Step 6: Welcome Message

  • You have to keep it as “Sending default welcome email” as you might wish to keep GrooveMember to automatically send emails your members collaborated with their username and password. 
  • Finally, Click on “Save & Next.” 

Step 7: URL Signup Links

  • You will find three specific signup links to create your membership account, and you get to make it on three levels: gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Just add your preferred connection to the notepad. To copy the link, press “Copy,” To make it final, click on “Save and exit.”


That is it for the article. We hope that you got all the steps to create and set up your Membership portal on GrooveMember.

This Step-by-Step guide on How To Create A Membership Portal In GrooveMember is tested and experimented a lot of times.

Finally, go through accordingly to create your online course portal without any further confusion. 


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