How To Create An Email Broadcast In GrooveMail

You might have heard of broadcasting emails over GrooveMail. They are quite easy to create and doesn't cause much of a hurdle.

In this article, we will discuss about GrooveMail, Email broadcasting, and the step-by-step guide on how you can create an email broadcast on GrooveMail.

GrooveMail Overview

GrooveMail is one of the most popular email marketing software that comes with CRM.

GroveeMail is part of the GrooveFunnels suite of apps. Its features email automation which are pretty similar to ActiveCampaign.

Users get to create & assign tags to their contacts for list segmentation. They can also create email autoresponders, send broadcasts and also email automation based on user’s behavior.

What is an Email Broadcast?

A broadcast email is a single message sent to an entire list or segment of people simultaneously.

You can schedule it to go out on a specific date and time, but the schedule is the same.

A broadcast can be the best option when you need to send a time-sensitive message or newsletter to everyone at the same time.

How To Create An Email Broadcast In GrooveMail

Here we will discuss on how to create tags, segments and broadcasts in GrooveMail. 

Creating Tags

If you wish to create tags, then on the left panel of GrooveMail, go to “Tags & Segments” and click on “Tags.”

Before we get started, let’s have a look at how the tag works:

Naming Tags

For instance, you have:

  • One hundred people in your email list subscribed.
  • About 50 of those people subscribe to your free checklist. Make sure you tag them as the free checklist. 

  • And let’s say around 30 of those people subscribe to your newsletter, so in that case, you should tag them with the newsletter as well.

  • Lastly, 20 of those purchase your ebook, and you need to tag them with the purchase ebook. 

  • Finally, you can segment your email list with the help of tags and email, particularly to those people to whom you don’t have to create multiple email lists. 

Also, you have one more option to create one master email list and then apply tags to sort them later.


First, create a Google Sheet and write down the names of your tags to keep track of the tag names that you’ll be using.

In this example, We can name this tag as “Free Anabolic Meal Plan.”

Every time a user submits their contact info in the opt-in form named “Free Anabolic Meal Plan,” then they will be:

  • Tagged in “Free Anabolic Meal Plan.”
  • Also, get added to the Health Website List as well. 

  • Now head back to tags, and on the top right corner of the page, click on a “New Tag.”

  • Copy the title from the spreadsheet and paste it under “Name,” and provide it with a similar description. 

  • Next, under the category, you can group your tags into categories. 

  • You can create a couple of titles for freebie email opt-ins and some classes for buyers. 

  • For example, you wish to make a category named “prospects.” 

  • To create a class, click on “Create New Category” and type the category’s name.

  • Finally, click the “+” button and then on “Create Tag.”


Users can create as many tags as they want to. But in our recommendation, we will suggest you keep one title per opt-in form.


  • Click on “New Segments” and then name it as you want.
  • Now click on “Create Segment.” 

Creating new segment

  • Under “Included” options, click on the drop-down arrow and then hit on “Hashtag.”
  • Now, click on the second select button, the tag that we have used here is under “Leads,” which will load a particular title on the next drop-down arrow.

  • Now, pick your tag and click on “Add.”

  • You don’t have to exclude anyone on a particular list or tag, but that option is also available here if you want to do so.

  • So to create a segment from a specific tag and then click on “Save & Exit.”

Creating a New Broadcast Email

  • Now, Head to “Campaigns” and hit “Broadcast.”

Creating broadcast

Campaign Info

  • Click on “New Campaign” showing on the right top corner.
  • Now, under “Info,” provide the name of your campaign.

  • Also, you have the option to enter the same description, or you can be more specific and lastly click on “Save & Next.”

Campaign Account

  • Next, Under Communication Gateway, keep it similar to “Send by email” as SMS services are unavailable.
  • Then under the Sender Details, you need to select the sender ID you have previously set up. 

  • Lastly, “Save & Next.”

Communication Recipients

  • Under the “Included” option, you can select people who have been “Added To Segment” or subscribed to a list named “HashTag.”
  • Now, click on “Add it to Segment” to select the segment that you have created, and again click on “Add.”

  • Underneath the page, it will enlist the Lead Selected, all the Emails Filled In, Blocked, and the number in that segment.

  • Press the “Save & Next.”

Campaign Message

  • Under the subject headline, enter your message title.
  • You can add a snippet of text for your members to read under the preview before opening it.

  • For the body of your message, open up an HTML editor, then enter some placeholder text in it to receive the formatted HTML version on the left side. 

  • Whenever you complete the composition of a message, you have to copy the HTML version and go back to GrooveMail.

  • On the right corner of the email, click the “View HTML” to view the HTML version and then paste it in the HTML and head back again to the HTML.

  • If you want to personalize the email, you have to change the “first name” to the dynamic variable that can be {first_name}.

  • Once you find it convincing with everything, click on “Save & Next.”

Campaign Email Schedule

  • Now, you have the choice of sending the email broadcast right at the moment, scheduling it for later purposes, or you can also save it as a draft.
  • If you select “Schedule for later,” then in the next row, pick a date and time by clicking on “Select Date and Time.”

  • A calendar will pop up to select the most suitable date and time for broadcasting the scheduled email. 

  • Set the time and date in EST time.

  • Finally, click on “Save & Next.” 

Broadcast Details

If you want to get a wholesome summary of your email broadcast details, click on Broadcast Details and click on “Save & Exit.”

Viewing Analytics of the Broadcasted Email

  • To view the analytics of the broadcasted email, on the left panel, go to Analytics and click on “Broadcast.”
  • Then you need to pick up the broadcast name. 

  • Then, it will provide you with the complete summary of the name, ID, description, several clicks, the total count of opens, recipients sent, and more.


Broadcasting an email is now super easy with GrooveMail.

Previously people struggled a lot while planning or creating an email broadcasting.

Now with this step-by-step guide, anyone can create, schedule, and send a broadcast mail to the selected members on the GrooveMail platform.


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