How To Connect Your Domain To GrooveMember

GrooveFunnels is highly popular for being the all-in-one solution that can provide visitors to generate potential leads for their business and commercial purposes. ( Checkout review of Groovefunnels)

GrooveMember is one of the essential family members of the GrooveFunnels platform. GrooveMember's work is to grow, build, and manage the membership websites

Users can now opt this service so as to increase their member count on a formal scale without utilizing any other tool.

With this service, users are quite satisfied as they find a perfect solution that offers them complete flexibility and control of their membership sites. This performance has rapidly become popular because of its vast range of features. 

GrooveMember can provide training to you, generate password-protected courses, recurrent content subscriptions, and digital products for all of your members.

And it promises you to develop and deploy your membership sites without unloading your bank account. Now in this article we shall discuss about how to connect your domain to GrooveMember. But before that let's look into the top features offered by GrooveMember. 

Top Features offered by GrooveMember

Below are some of the top features that you can obtain with GrooveMember.


Access Levels

Users choose between paid and tired access levels, ensuring them that they get reliable experience at each stage of their membership.

This platform can help them build up a solid audience base with various access levels, which is also convenient.


Modern Designs

Your business has a professional and perfect look, and there are so many custom themes available.

You can use these themes to enhance the absolute impression of your company without putting in tons of effort.


Various Delivery Options

No matter what membership website you are having, the platform enables you to instantly deliver content to all the members associated with you. Also, you can unlock assets with the help of tags.


Limitless Memberships

GrooveMember solution offers the user an easy solution for them to create their membership sites without any hassle.

They also get to manage their products under different niches, and for that, you don't have to invest in extra.


Seamless Integration

Users also get to run automation based on the customer's actions.

The software can also provide you with tags, add some new customers to the sequence, the option to subscribe and unsubscribe people of different membership tiers, and so much more.

How To Connect Your Domain To GrooveMember

There are two ways to connect to GrooveMembers as you might have your DNS record managed with another Cloudflare or with Groove.

Now we can consider that you might have created your Sales Page for your membership or course on your root domain.

Your root domain can be like this:

And it must be connected to GroovePages so that you can quickly build up your website or sales funnel.

Indirectly it means that you need to create a subdomain for GrooveMember you want people to log in.

It can look like this:

1. For Membership Login:

2. For GrooveMember Portal:

Steps by Step Guide to Connect your Domain to GrooveMember:

  • Log in with your credentials with Groove. Click on the Hamburger icon.
  • Then Go to 'My accounts' and then look for the 'Domains' Tab.
  • For instance, you will have your domain name or URL as: 
  • If you look forward to having a membership site for your domain, you have to create a subdomain.
  • So for that, Click on 'Add Domain' under Domain URL. You have to enter this: 
  • Then Answer the Question, "Which app would you like to use this URL for?" Click on GrooveMember (Membership). 
  • Then answer, "Would you like us to host your domain for you?", Click on No Thanks!
  • And then Save it. 
  • You will find Cname records after that. The first option is: 

I. If you have your DNS records managed on Cloudflare, you will add the Cname:

II. If if it is on Groove, then you have to add:

  • You have to go with the second one because your course URL is already on Groove. 
  • Copy the second Cname and paste it on the notepad for further reference.
  • Now click on Back to Domains List, and you can find that Cname added there. 
  • Now go to the root domain and click on Edit.
  • To add the Cname record, click on Add Record: Under Type select 'Cname,' Name will be `' and for content, copy the Cname from Notepad and paste it. And then finally save it. 
  • Then Under Proxy, Click on Enable in front of your newly created Cname and wait for it to mention 'Worked.' 
  • Click on GrooveMember on the Homepage. Go to Contents and then Memberships.
  • You will find a Test Membership Site, so Go to Actions and then to Settings. Under Custom Domain, click on your name and update settings. 
  • Open up a new tab and type, and you will find the login for your membership site.

So that's how you connect your domain with GrooveMembers with a couple of easy steps. 

Advantages of using Groove Member

Below we have listed out the advantages of choosing GrooveMember

  • GrooveMember is one of the most relevant tools that people can frequently choose. 
  • It is quite an essential app sold by Groove Digital with the package of GrooveFunnels suite. With this software, you can bring your business to unexceptional heights of success.

  • The tool, scripted out of robust technology, enables its user to leverage the eye-catching design. You don't have to worry about looking for things easily reachable for you on the platform.

  • GrooveMember, integrated with all the other apps, is available with the suite of GrooveDigital.
    It also allows the users to instantly use the apps as per their requirement, lastly making your journey more flexible.
  • The platform offers the best customer service you can never find. They will give you the solutions to any problems right away without even taking up much of the time.
  • All the tools offered in the GrooveFunnels suite are the most significant help to the newbies who haven't been into the website developing world.


Both GrooveMember and GrooveFunnels are the most important features for your online business.

And if you are getting access to GrooveFunnels, you will directly gain access to GrooveMember if you want to.

GrooveMember helps you with the creation of your membership sites that will lead to the accomplishment of the goals of your online business.

With various features offered by GrooveFunnels, users can also integrate GrooveMember with other applications to make unexpected things that your rivals cannot do.

You are planning to grow your online business concisely and earn and save money in the long run. Then go check out today with the free trial.


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