How To Connect Google Search Console to GroovePages

If you are also planning to use SEO with Groove Pages, you must connect your Groove Pages with the Google search console to make it 100% worth it.

But what could be the best possible reason that you must add Google Search Console?

According to Google:

Google Search Console helps you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Suppose you are looking forward to getting a good rank for your specific keyword, in that case, Google Search Console is the thing that will help you in tracking your website’s ranking as well as its position in Google.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can connect your Google search console with Groove Pages, from where you can find the performance of your website.


If you are already a user of the GrooveFunnels Platinum package, follow the same procedure for all your Groove Pages domains.

What is Google Search Console?

It is a free tool that helps the users measure their website’s traffic, fix issues, see keyword performance, and receive notifications from Google related to the activities going on their website.

It also provides insight into how well a website performs in organic search and how to make any possible amendments to the site in the Google index.

If you want to make changes on your website directly, you cannot do it from Google Search Console.

You can opt for it to submit pages in the Google index, to verify that your website link is healthy, and lastly, to check all the prospective errors happening in your domain property.

What Is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a powerful funnel builder and drag and drop page for online business owners.

It is specially coded to help online businesses and marketers to create highly professional landing pages, design websites, and build funnels.

It uses the latest technology to simplify the current online marketing needs. Groove Pages is here to assist everyone if you are not even a newbie in that area, no matter how highly efficient you are in the coding or any case.

The best thing is approximately 80% of the code is loaded on the browser already.

It provides users more functionality and also utilizes VUE.JS, a progressive Javascript framework to empower the system.

How To Connect Google Search Console to GroovePages

Step 1: Login To Google Search Console

  • First, you need to sign up to Google Search Console at
  • It will provide you with an option for signing up, one with your existing Google account and another one from the Gmail account, already connected with Google Analytics.

  • Click on “Start Now.”

Step 2: Add a Property (Website)

  • After logging in, find the drop-down arrow, click on it, and hit the “+ Add property” option.
  • Under the domain column, enter your domain URL, excluding the HTTPS version or the HTTP.

  • In case your domain is “,” then enter this only.

  • And if it is on the root domain without the “www,” then copy-paste it.

  • And click on “Continue.”

Step 3: Verifying Domain Ownership

  • Next, you have to give the TXT records to add to your DNS manager on GrooveFunnels.
  • If you have your DNS records already managed at GrooveFunnels, then add TXT records in GrGrooveFunnels.

  • Select the hamburger icon on the page’s top right, select “My Account,” and go to “Domains.”

  • On the contrary, you need to add TXT records in Cloudflare if your DNS records are at Cloudflare.

  • Here, let’s discuss how to add the DNS records in Cloudflare, so in “Instructions for Any DNS provider,” – leave it set as Any DNS provider.

  • Finally, Copy the TXT records into your DNS manager.

You must be aware on how to use cloudflare before you proceed with the further steps. So if you know how to use cloudflare, follow the below given steps.

  • Open a new tab. Now, log in to Cloudflare. 
  • Make sure to select your domain on the drop-down arrow and opt for DNS.

  • Now, Under the DNS management, click on the” + Add record” option. 

  • In the Type box, click on the drop-down arrow to select “TXT record.”

  • Under Name, if your website of GroovePages is on the root domain then, you have to add “@,” i.e., “,” then you will add this “@” symbol.

  • But, If you have GroovePages on a subdomain, then enter the subdomain name as “,” then you need to add “go.”

  • Under content, paste the copied TXT record on the Google Search Console tab.

  • Hit Save.

  • Now, Switch back to your Google Search Console tab to VERIFY it.

  • The next moment, a notification will pop up to confirm your verification.

  • Then, Click on “Go to Property.”

  • Lastly, click on Start that you will see on the next pop-up.

Google Search Console Statistics

  • You’ll find a few tabs from where you can monitor and manage your website’s performance in Google on the left-hand panel. 
  • If you have recently added this domain, then there won’t be any data. So you need to come back in a day or two to track your website on Google Search Console.
  • Under the Overview column, you can get a quick snapshot of your website’s performance.
  • Next, in the Performance Tab, you can set the data frame per your preference in 28 days, three months, or six months.
  • The line chart provides you with the total number of clicks and impressions on your website. 
  • The purple line indicates the number of times your website appears on Google for the last three months.
  • Under Queries, you will see the keywords, a breakdown of the clicks for keywords, and the number of impressions.
  • Next, Under Pages, you can find the pages on your website and the total number of clicks and impressions received.
  • Under Countries, you will see from which country our website is getting traffic mostly.
  • Under Devices, it will display the number of clicks on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • In URL inspection, in case you have created a new page on GroovePages, enter the URL of the page there to see if Google indexes it or not.
  • If it is still pending, then you can submit your page for index. One of the most important things you have to do with Google Search Console is submitting your sitemap and letting Google crawl all over your pages.
  • GroovePages doesn’t offer a sitemap feature.
  • Whenever available, you can go under the Sitemaps option, submit your site map’s URL address, and lastly, hit on submit.
  • Users can also build it manually. But even without the submission of a sitemap, once you have started creating content, then Google will eventually index your pages, and whenever you search for them, you will find it right there only.


This article summarized how to connect Google search console to GroovePages so that you get better leads for your websites on Groove Pages.

With Google Search Console Statistics, you can evaluate the performance of your website on Google.

Also, you can find out the suggestions to make any further amendments to your website and improve your SEO performance to get your site listed on top as it can come on Google. 


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