How to Connect a Custom Domain On GrooveFunnels

If you are looking forward to building your online business as early as possible and also if you are a newbie to GrooveFunnels and looking for some help, then you have landed on the right page.

When you have your online business portal, you want it to grow, but connecting your Custom Domain with GrooveFunnels will be best for both worlds.

Let’s learn how to connect a custom domain on groovefunnels in this article.

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Creating Custom Domain Or Subdomain On GroovePages

Recently GrooveFunnels has updated their package and the way you connect, create and publish custom domains on GroovePages.

The highlight is that you don’t have to create your Cloudflare account as Groove already provides a Groove’s Cloudflare account.

It lets you link three custom domains in your GroovePages because of your free GrooveFunnels account.

If you want to get the advantage of having unlimited custom domains, you have to get the lifetime package of GrooveFunnels.

Step By Step Guide On How To Connect a Custom Domain On GrooveFunnels

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide through which you can easily connect your custom domain on the GrooveFunnels platform:

1. Locate your Domains in GrooveFunnels

  • First, log in to Groove, click on the burger icon on the top right of the dashboard.
  • Now, Click on “My Account,” followed by the “domains tab.”

2. Add Domain

  • To add a domain, you need to get your Domain URL: Enter your part without typing the HTTPS to be
  • You can also have this domain connected to Groove Pages, GrooveSell for custom domain checkout URL, and individually GrooveSell for link tracking. Select Groove Pages.

  • Then, answer this: Would you like us to host your domain for you? Click on “yes, please.”

  • Then save it.

3. Change Name Servers At ‘Domain Registry’

Moving on to the next page, you will find detailed instructions on how to connect your domain to Groove.

  • Login to your Domain Registry and make sure to update Groove’s Name servers with your name servers.
  • Your domain registry can be with any of your bought domains like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.

  • If you are not aware of your domain registry, you can search on WHOIS and find your answer of where your domain is in actuality.

  • For instance, If you have bought your domains at Namecheap, then when you log in with your account details, you will find your domains in “Domains list”> “Domains tab”> in “Name servers’.

    ‘Then click on the drop-down and select custom DNS.

  • Enter GrooveFunnels name servers and hit the checkmark button

  • It will only take up to 48 hours to connect with Groove servers but mostly happens within 10 mins.

4. Update Your Domains On Groove

  • Once you come back to Groove, go back to the domains list, and you will find your domain status to “Status pending.”
  • Now, Click on the Update button on the top right here.

  • After 3 minutes, your status will change to Active.

5. Edit DNS Records

  • Now, If you want to edit your name servers via adding or deleting your records, click on “edit.”
  • Click on “Add or delete records.”

  • For example, If you already have a C name record on your domain registry pork bun, click on “delete” and confirm it.

  • Once it is over with the adding or deleting records, go back and click update again.

6. Publish your GroovePages Site On Custom Domain

  • Click on “Publish,” which is under the drop-down arrow whenever you’re ready to publish your site on GroovePages. You will now see the domain you just added is available.
  • Then, select your domain and hit the publish button to go live on this domain in a couple of minutes.

  • Next, you will find a URL link. So to view your Groove Pages design published on your custom domain, click on that.

  • Finally, Your domain is now connected with Groove Pages with the SSL certificate installed.


That's all about how to connect a Custom Domain on GrooveFunnels. Once you are done with it, there is no going back.  You’ll not find any other option that provides you with this much in their free package.

Remember, a domain name is your web address for visitors or audience to visit your website. Groove enables you to host on its domain name without charging you a single penny.

If you are looking for your own, you can always register for one that is pretty compatible with your GroovePages site.

By that, you are on your way to building a highly successful brand for yourself and having the complete authority of your website. Also, you will gain long-term SEO benefits when you optimize your website, keeping all necessary actions in mind.


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